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Class of 1957; Sherwood Covill


Seeing as I am the alumnus who suggested an alumni section on this website, I will get the ball rolling by introducing myself as a member of the class of 1957.  There were only eight of us that graduated that year.  Our class family consisted of Bruce French, Marjorie Huggins, William (Bill) Brown, Ethel Masters, Rosalie Fish, Donald Bourassa, Agnes Locke, and me (Sherwood Covill).  As far as I know they are all still living except for Bruce and Agnes.  Upon graduation we all left for some form of continuing education except for Marjorie who stayed in Pittsburg and started a family.  I will not comment further on any of my classmates' achievements or lives.  Hopefully others will come forward to create a posting.

As for me, I headed immediately for Boston where I was to become a Medical Laboratory Technologist.  However, once in Boston and anxious to get hospital clinical exposure, I became a surgical technician at Hahnemann Hospital. I soon discovered I might be more interested in the administrative side of health care.  This led to going to William and Mary College in Virginia for a BS in business and then on to Medical College of Virginia for a Masters in Hospital and Health Care Administration.  After completing a one-year residency in Pittsburgh, PA, I went to work for the American Hospital Association as a consultant for the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, New Jersey, and New York City and the surrounding area.  This involved visiting every hospital in these states multiple times helping them to become more efficient and able to meet accreditation standards.  When the Associations' regional office for the Northeast in NYC opened, I assumed that position.  One day, when visiting a hospital in the city, the retiring administrator asked me if I would be interested in being his replacement.  At that point in my career, I really had not thought about giving up consulting.  However, I decided to take the position, and I ran the 300 bed hospital for 10 years.

Time for midlife change then took place and found me heading to Seattle, WA hoping to find another administrative position.  Three months with no job and doom and gloom weather made an administrative position in San Diego with world-renowned Scripps Health most appealing.  I found myself there for the rest of my working career building a network of clinics and hospitals which became largest in the city.

Now, being retired for the past eleven plus years, I spend my time between my two homes in San Diego and Palm Springs.  I have traveled around the world to places I didn't even know existed and enjoyed them all.  I am a great lover of nature and the great outdoors and spend much time now hiking, camping, and communing with the great spirit of nature.  Life is great and so beyond anything that I thought for myself back in 1957.  

Anyone interested in contacting me may do so via email at scovill@san.it.com.