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Meet Mrs. Ann Gray

Mrs. Ann Gray is our school librarian, and she teaches library skills and keyboarding.  She was born in Exeter, NH and grew up nearby in Newmarket, NH. She has a younger sister and two younger brothers.  Her mother worked as a librarian after the children were all in school, and her dad was a dentist.  As a child, the family had a Siamese cat named Puddy that liked to eat woolen mittens! Mrs. Gray’s favorite childhood book was called The Lonely Doll by Dare Wright.  She borrowed it over and over again at the town library.

 Mrs. Gray enjoyed swimming as a child, but she never really liked or participated in any competitive sports.  Her favorite childhood TV show was Bonanza.  The funniest thing that happened to her was something that happened when she was a camper at Camp Farnsworth.  When she was trying to cut through some twine with her jackknife, she ended up cutting her nose with the knife by mistake!  There was blood everywhere, but thankfully she didn’t get hurt badly.

Mrs. Gray graduated from Newmarket High School where her favorite subject was French.  Mrs. Gray still corresponds with her French teacher!  She went on to college at UNH in Durham where she earned a bachelor’s degree for teaching home economics.  Later she went back to college at Syracuse University in NY where she earned her masters’ degree in library science.  She said that her favorite thing about college was meeting new people, being more independent, and learning wonderful new things.  Her least favorite part of college was the amount of reading she had to do for all of her classes each week.

Asked what she likes about teaching, Mrs. Gray replied, “I like interacting with students and reading to them.  I love reading out loud.” Her favorite thing to teach is how to do research well.  She likes working with students and helping them to discover interesting new things.  Her first teaching job was right here in Pittsburg way back in 1974 when she started teaching home economics.  She did teach in Tilton, NH at Winnisquam Regional High School for two years but came back here when she married her husband, who is a native of Pittsburg.  In addition to teaching here, Mrs. Gray also writes a weekly column for the local newspaper The News and Sentinel and also takes pictures for that newspaper.

Mrs. Gray says she loves teaching here and said, “Pittsburg School and everyone I work with here is like my second family.  I know I can always count on my colleagues.” She says she isn’t exactly sure why she decided to be a teacher, but, “I’ve never regretted my decision, and hope to continue teaching as long as I can.”  She has taught for about 34 years.

In addition to working here, Mrs. Gray is active in the local community.  She belongs to Farnham Memorial Church, Aurora Grange, Pittsburg Historical Society, Delta Kappa Gamma, and the Pittsburg Fire Association.  Mrs. Gray said, “I really feel it is important to be involved in your community as much as possible and to contribute in as many ways as you can.”

She and her husband have a hairy black dog named Piper.  Once she even won a pig, but the pig wasn’t really a pet because “we ate her!”  She says she likes reading mysteries, adventures, and romance stories and is never without a book to read.  She remembers a memorable vacation as a teenager when her family traveled out to Ohio and Illinois so that her father could visit with some of his Army buddies.  Her dad was in WWII.

Mrs. Gray likes taking pictures, reading, knitting, going for walks, taking drives with her husband, watching movies, and working with flowers in her spare time. 


·         Ice cream: Moose Tracks

·         Breed of dog: mutts

·         Holiday: Christmas

·         Sport: watching soccer games

·         Outside activity: taking walks with the dog

·         Vacation place: York Beach, Maine

·         TV show: Jeopardy!

·         Movie: all movies but one that I enjoyed recently is called Green Book

·         Type of vehicle: F-150 pickups

·         Type of music: Christian, country, and music from the 1960s

·         Dream place to visit: Alaska which is a place her husband would like to visit.

·         Toy growing up: Barbie, she still has all of her Barbie dolls and shared that she has a second-edition Barbie in great condition.

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