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Meet Mrs. Ann Gray

Meet Mrs. Ann Gray


Mrs. Gray grew up in Newmarket, NH.  Her favorite subject in school was French, and she says that she still corresponds with her former French teacher to this day.  She remarked, “Mr. Boivin really challenged us.  He had high expectations for us, and we wanted to live up to those expectations.”  Mrs. Gray got her undergraduate degree at UNH in Durham, NH and her master’s degree in library science from Syracuse University in NY.  Her favorite things about college were learning new things and meeting new people.  She is currently partially retired and teaches library skills and keyboarding here at Pittsburg School.  Mrs. Gray said that her favorite thing to teach is research.  “I enjoy showing students how to dig information out of many resources,” she said. 


Naturally, Mrs. Gray loves to read.  She said that she will read almost anything she can get her hands on except fantasy, horror, or science fiction.  She said that one of her favorite things about working in the library is reading out loud to her students and introducing them to wonderful books, treasures for their brains.  Mrs. Gray’s favorite projects are the research projects she does with the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students every year.  She said, “I also love organizing the annual Read-Across-America events.  It’s such fun to dress up in crazy outfits and celebrate reading together.  I also like running the annual Blooming Readers incentive program and seeing how many minutes those K-6 students can read.  Sometimes I’m amazed.”


Mrs. Gray’s very first teaching job was here at Pittsburg School when she came here in 1974 as a Home Economics teacher (now called Family and Consumer Science).  She currently also works for The News and Sentinel in Colebrook, writing a weekly column called “Pittsburg Locals” and taking photographs for the newspaper as well.


Mrs. Gray and her husband have a hairy black dog named, Piper, who loves to dig holes in their yard.  She loves to cook all sorts of different things and is often trying new recipes.  She has never been up Mt. Washington and said, “I’ve climbed many other mountains as a child, but I never enjoyed it.”


Mrs. Gray’s favorite season is summer when she likes to take walks with Piper every day, visit the beach, and do some flower gardening as well.  In her spare time, Mrs. Gray is reading, sketching, or writing letters to family members.  She is also very involved in a variety of community organizations like church, the Historical Society, Aurora Grange, and Delta Kappa Gamma.  Mrs. Gray feels that her best talent is taking photographs. 



Food: roast pork

Type of art work: photographs

Holiday: Christmas

Thing to do in winter: read

Thing to do in summer: go to the beach with family

Vacation place: her family vacation home in York Beach, Maine

TV Show: The Good Doctor

Color: forest green

Type of car: Ford F150

Candy: Lindt chocolate truffles

Type of music: Christian

Dream place to visit: Prince Edward Island because members of her family spent time there and always remarked at how beautiful it is

Toy growing up: Barbies


Mrs. Gray became a teacher because she loves working with children. Asked what she likes about working here at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Gray replied, “I love the fact that we’re like a family here.  We’re so small that we can get to know each other very well.”

 Updated Jan. 2018