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Meet Mrs. Eleanor March

Meet Mrs. Eleanor March

Mrs. March, better known as Miss Elly, is our school receptionist.  She always greets everyone with a smile and makes them feel welcome.


Miss Elly grew up in Windham, NH and says that her favorite subjects in school were English and math.  She really enjoys reading and is always borrowing new library books.  She particularly likes reading mysteries and told us that her mother started bringing her to the library when she was just three years old!


Before working at Pittsburg School she had a dancing school in southern NH.  She also ran her family oil company and even drove a school bus in Windham, Derry, and Londonderry.  In addition to working here at our little school, Miss Elly teaches yoga to folks here in town.  Miss Elly has been working here for 21 years and works between six and seven hours a day.


Miss Elly and her husband have two poodles, four Siamese cats, and one blue and gold macaw.  She loves cooking. 


Miss Elly has been up Mt. Washington quite a few times.  She says that her favorite season is summer when she can swim, hike, mountain bike, kayak, and take the power boat out on the lake.  In her spare time she exercises, does gardening, reads, cooks, travel, visits with family and friends, and visits Bar Harbor and California.  As you can tell, she loves being outside.    She said that she feels her best talent is dancing and yoga.


Miss Elly’s favorites are:

Food: all foods

Art Work: patterned wool rugs

Holiday: Christmas

Sport: Hockey

Sports Team: Red Sox

Thing to do in winter: ski and snowshoe

Thing to do in summer: kayak and swim

Vacation place: Bar Harbor, California, Ireland, and Hawaii

TV Show: Ellen DeGeneres

Color: Caribbean blue

Type of car: two-door sports car (Honda)

Candy: chocolate

Type of music: classical, old fifties, and Hawaiian

Dream place to visit: Australia or New Zealand because they are big islands

Toy when growing up: dolls and playing outside in the woods


Miss Elly says she loves working at Pittsburg School because of the family feeling with special attention for each student.

Updated Jan. 2018