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Meet Mrs. Eleanor March

Mrs. Eleanor March is our school’s receptionist.  She was born in Methuen, MA, and she has two brothers and one sister.  Her father was a fire chief, and her mother worked as a dispatcher. Her first pet as a child was a Boston terrier dog.  She loved reading the Dick & Jane books.  As a youngster, her favorite sport was dancing, and she still enjoys it to this day.  She liked watching Looney Tunes on TV.

Miss Elly (as we call her) relates a funny thing that happened to her when she was a child.  When she was two years old, she walked out to the road, and a lady took her to the store with her.  By the time she returned to the house, the police were there looking for her!

Miss Elly went to Methuen High School where she really enjoyed her English and math classes.  After high school she went to the Dance Masters of America School in Boston.  Her favorite thing about that experience was dancing at Beacon Hill in Boston.  Her least favorite thing about being there was having to take the subway to the Boston Common.  She especially loves dance because it is so uplifting. She feels her best talent is her patience and her ability to dance.

Here at Pittsburg School, in addition to being the cheerful receptionist, she works with students teaching them yoga.  She also had her own dance school before she worked here, and she currently has a yoga class for adults here in town.  She decided to work in a school because she loves children.  She loves how attentive they are in her yoga class.  She started working with dance in 1964.

Miss Elly loves reading mystery books.  She and her husband have a blue and gold macaw, three Siamese cats, and two poodles.  Once she even had a skunk and a raccoon for pets!  In her spare time, Miss Elly goes snowshoeing, skis, rides her bike, goes swimming, hiking, and does yoga.

Miss Elly’s hero was her mother.  Her father died young, and Miss Elly’s mother raised four children and ran two businesses to support the family.

Miss Elly’s most memorable vacation was a trip to Hawaii in the winter to the Island of Kauwai.


·         Ice cream: chocolate

·         Breed of dog: poodle

·         Holiday: Christmas

·         Sport: football

·         Sports team: Patriots

·         NFL player: Tom Brady

·         Outside activity: biking or snowshoeing

·         Vacation place: Bar Harbor, ME

·         Type of vehicle: two-door sports car (Honda)

·         Singer: Enya

·         Type of music: classical

·         Dream place to visit: Australia because there are so many different people and animals

·         Toy growing up: baby doll

Updated 1/29/2020