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Meet Mrs Holly Paquette

Meet Mrs Holly Paquette

Mrs. Paquette (better known as Miss Holly) grew up right next door to Pittsburg in Canaan, VT.  Currently she works at Pittsburg School as a paraprofessional in the eighth grade classroom.  When she was in school, she really enjoyed studying science, particularly anything to do with forensics.

Miss Holly likes to read now and then when she finds a really good book with lots of action and adventure. 

Before working at Pittsburg School, she worked at Granite Ledges of Concord in Concord, NH.  This is an assisted living facility.  She’s been working here with us for about six months and works about seven and a half hours a day.

She has three pets.  Tom and Jerry are her ferrets who are free to roam around in their own section of the house where she lives.  They also have a one-year old lab/boxer mix named Milo.

Miss Holly enjoys cooking and likes to experiment with throwing together random foods to see how it all comes out.

Miss Holly has never been up Mt. Washington.  She says her favorite season is summer.  She likes to hike, participate in outdoor sports like soccer, and hosting summer barbecues. She doesn’t really like being outside unless it is warm or hot. In her spare time, Miss Holly plays soccer, watches movies, takes fun day trips, and plays with her pets.


She had a nice list of favorites:

Food: pickles

Type of art work: sculptures

Holiday: Fourth of July

Sport: Soccer

Sports Team: Red Sox

Thing to do in winter: watch movies and drink hot cocoa

Thing to do in summer: hike, take day trips, and be outside

Vacation place: Florida

TV show: Shark Tank

Color: Neon orange

Type of car: Scion xD

Candy: M & M’s

Music: a variety

Dream place to visit: Galapagos Islands to see the variety of wildlife

Toy when growing up: Dirt! J


When asked what she thought her best talent is, she replied, “It’s hard to think of anything that stands out.  I am just me.”  She likes working here at Pittsburg School and feeling like she is part of a community.  She is quoted as saying, “This staff is extremely welcoming.”