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Meet Miss Smith


Miss Emilie Smith is our history and civics teacher.  She and her brother grew up in the area and graduated from Colebrook Academy.   As a child, Miss Smith had two favorite books; they were Winnie the Pooh and Yertle the Turtle.  Pooh was her favorite character, and she loved watching the cartoons that featured him on Sunday mornings.  Games Miss Smith played as a child included Trouble, Twister, and Parcheesi. 

Asked about the activities she enjoyed most in high school, Miss Smith replied that she loved making new friends and hanging out with them.  Her favorite high school subject was world history.   The science project that she most enjoyed doing was making a volcano with baking soda and vinegar.  In art, she had fun using clay and making different figurines; she remembers making a dinosaur.  After high school, Miss Smith went to college at Plymouth State University where she enjoyed socializing, meeting new people, going to the gym, and sleeping in.

Miss Smith said that her favorite holiday is Christmas, and she loves eating her favorite foods: stuffing and also chocolate cream pie, during the holidays.  She listed her favorite comedian as being Will Farrell, and her favorite cartoon is the Smurfs and The Jetsons.  Wells, Maine is Miss Smith’s favorite vacation destination.  She particularly remembers family vacations there when she was growing up.  Miss Smith has one cat named, Maggie.

Before coming here to Pittsburg School Miss Smith worked at Epping High School.  Here at our school she says that she really enjoys the staff that is “all so nice and welcoming. [I also like} my advisory students and getting to know them.”  Miss Smith told us that her family and friends are the most important things in her life.  Her personal motto is “Carpe Diem: live life every moment.”  Teaching allows Miss Smith to “learn about new things and continue to grow as a person.  [I like] getting to know the students and watching them grow as people.”

Updated January 2015