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Meet Miss Emilie Smith


Ms. Emilie Smith teaches world history, U.S. history, NH history, psychology, civics, ancient civilizations, and geography here at Pittsburg School.  She was born in Colebrook, NH and has an older brother.  Her mom is an account manager, and her dad is a heavy equipment operator.  As a child, Ms. Smith had a cat named Fluffy, and she liked reading the Berenstain Bears series.  She liked watching The Gummi Bears and The Jetsons on TV.

Ms. Smith went to high school at Colebrook Academy where she liked playing soccer and studying social studies.  After high school, Ms. Smith went to Plymouth State University.  She said her favorite things about college were, “naps, her professors, the gym, and meeting new people.”  She thought final exams were pretty challenging though.

Ms. Smith decided to become a teacher because she likes helping others, and her high school teachers encouraged her to pursue teaching.  They told her she had what it takes to be a good teacher.

Asked what she likes about teaching, Ms. Smith replied, “I really enjoy helping students become interested in history, and I also enjoy watching students grow up and become young adults.” Her favorite thing to teach is ancient civilizations. She said, “I enjoy the Greek and Roman time periods; it’s interesting and so much fun to teach.”  She especially has fun with the students when they do their Roman and Greek trip projects. Ms. Smith likes the small town/community feel she has here at Pittsburg School because she gets to know all of her students. Before teaching here, Ms. Smith taught at the Epping High School.

In addition to teaching here at Pittsburg School, Ms. Smith is a member of the Swift Diamond Riders Snowmobile Club.  She likes reading Harry Potter-type books, historical books, and biographies.  She has a dog named Gemma, but she once had three sheep named Lamby, Wheelie, and Chocolate!

Ms. Smith says her heroes are her parents.  “They have raised my brother and me to be good people, and they are just hard-working, honest, and have set a great example for me.”

Ms. Smith says that her best talent is her ability to empathize and support other people.  She says, “This helps me not only teach but to build strong relationships.”  Her most memorable vacation was chaperoning a class trip to Universal Studios in Florida…three days of fun, Harry Potter worlds, and lots of ice cream!

In her spare time, Ms. Smith enjoys spending time with her family, snowmobiling, going to the beach, reading, antiquing, and seeing her friends.


·         Disney character: Cinderella

·         Ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter cup

·         Breed of dog: golden retriever

·         Holiday: Christmas

·         Sport: football

·         Sports team: NE Patriots

·         NFL player: Tom Brady

·         Outside activity: snowmobiling

·         Vacation place: Wells, Maine

·         TV show: Riverdale

·         Movie: Ford vs. Ferrari

·         Type of vehicle: Chevy Camaro

·         Musical group: Shinedown

·         Type of music: rock and country

·         Dream places to visit: Rome, Greece, Hawaii, and Alaska to see the beautiful scenery and soak up the history

·         Toy when growing up: teddy bear (she still has it!)


Updated 2/19/2020