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Meet Mr. Amey


Mark Amey is our official Maintenance Man.  He takes care of all sorts of important things like shoveling the walks, mowing the lawns, changing light bulbs, and much more.
Mr. Amey’s favorite childhood book was called  Singing Wheels.  He enjoyed it because it told about the way of life before we had cars and electricity.  The book also explained how to make many things like barrels, wagons, boots, and tools that we needed in simpler times.  Mr. Amey has three brothers and one sister.  As a child, Mr. Amey loved walking in the woods and exploring his surroundings.  He especially enjoyed exploring old buildings on the farm where he grew up.  The buildings were full of interesting things from past eras.  He also enjoyed taking trips on his bicycle, sometimes alone and other times with his brothers and sister.
Mr. Amey graduated from Pittsburg School.  His favorite high school subjects were geography and Earth science.  He also enjoyed art, shop, and music classes. He did not participate in high school sports.  After high school, Mr. Amey attended NHCTC in Berlin, NH.  There, his favorite classes were drafting and machine shop.  
Mr. Amey’s favorite supper is peppers, onions, Brussels sprouts, and mushrooms sautéed in olive oil with baked potatoes and biscuits on the side.  His favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream topped with both peanut butter and hot fudge sauce along with brownies. At this time, Mr. Amey does not belong to any community organizations.
Mr. Amey and his wife live in Clarksville, NH.  They have three grown daughters and several grandchildren.  They have two cats.  One is named Minnie and the other is her sister Wilbur.  Mr. Amey says that Minnie orders breakfast at 5:30 a.m. and Wilbur orders supper at about 4:00 p.m. or as soon as Mr. Amey walks through the door in the afternoon.
In his free time, Mr. Amey likes working in his workshop building bookshelves and picture frames and repairing or making toys for his grandchildren.  He also has fun gardening, snowshoeing, and going to antique engine shows.  His ideal vacation destination would be Hermit Island, Maine as it has a wonderful campground right by the ocean.  Mr. Amey says that his favorite season is the fall.  In the winter, he enjoys reading biographies and books about early explorations.  He also likes to do woodworking or get ready for the sugaring season.
Before coming to work here at Pittsburg School, Mr. Amey worked on the home farm on Tabor Road and then at Ethan Allen Furniture Factory for 37 years, until they closed.  
Mr. Amey likes to cook but he says that singing and drawing usually wait for really rainy days!  His favorite movie is the black and white 1946 version of Great Expectations.  Did you know that that movie is based on a book by the famous English author, Charles Dickens?
Asked what his favorite thing is about working here at Pittsburg School, Mr. Amey replied, “I enjoy repairing and keeping things in order, and the friendliness of all of the people I’ve met.”