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Meet Mr. Christopher Paquette

Meet Mr. Christopher Paquette:


Mr. Paquette is the technology coordinator at Pittsburg School so he takes care of all of the computers in the building.  He grew up right here in Pittsburg and said that his favorite course in school was physical education.  Before working here with us at Pittsburg School, Mr. Paquette worked at the Rainbow Grille, JJ Goodwin’s Bar, and the NH Department of Transportation.  He’s been working here with us for six months now and also works for the Stewartstown Community School and SAU7.  He works about eight hours a day on his job here.


Mr. Paquette likes to read fantasy stories and enjoys cooking as well.  He has never been up Mt. Washington.  His favorite season is summer when he enjoys playing on the Men’s League Softball team.  In his spare time, Mr. Paquette likes to play video games and cook.  He and his fiancé have one dog and two ferrets.  Mr. Paquette says that he thinks his best talent is having patience.



Food: steak

Type of art work: clay

Holiday: Christmas

Sport: baseball

Sports teams: Pats, Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox

Thing to do in winter: stay warm

Thing to do in summer: play softball

Vacation place: Florida

TV Show: Burn Notice and Breaking Bad

Color: red

Type of car: Nissan 3502

Candy: none

Type of music: rock

Dream place to visit: none

Toy growing up: baseball and glove


Asked what he likes about working here with us at Pittsburg School, Mr. Paquette replied, “I like working with the people who helped shape who I am today.”

 Updated Jan. 2018