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Meet Mr. David Covill

Mr. David Covill is our business education teacher in addition to being the yearbook advisor.  He grew up here in Pittsburg with one brother and one sister and graduated from Pittsburg School.  He stated that, “I enjoyed the closeness of the students and the great relationship we had with the community.”  His favorite subjects in high school were any subject related to business and also art classes.  He liked painting landscapes in those art classes. He played basketball in his freshman and sophomore years of high school and then participated in cross country in his junior and senior years here at Pittsburg School. 

As a child, Mr. Covill really enjoyed reading a book called Key Log by a local author named Clem Philbrook.  Asked what he liked about this particular book, he responded, “It inspired me to read because it was about our area, and I found that, through the author’s words, I could experience, in my mind, the events that transpired in the book.” 

Mr. Covill doesn’t remember any particular game that he enjoyed playing as a child.  He does remember spending lots of time walking in the woods with his dog and exploring new places.  He and his siblings grew up on a family farm with cows and pigs.

Mr. Covill received his bachelor’s degree from Southern NH University and his Masters from Plymouth State University.  He says, “I did not attend college in the traditional format but rather through weekend and online courses.  [I enjoyed this because] we were all in the class for the same reason and shared a common goal.”

Mr. Covill and his family have one dog named Dakota, but over the years they have also had horses, cats, and other dogs.  His favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas, and Mr. Covill’s favorite holiday food is homemade chocolate fudge without nuts.  When they go on vacation, Mr. Covill and his family like to go to Bar Harbor, Maine because he loves the ocean and the mountains, “which you can enjoy in Bar Harbor at Acadia National Park.”  Mr. Covill likes the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes. 

Asked what he likes best about his life, Mr. Covill replied, “my family.”  Before coming here to teach, Mr. Covill worked for Abacus Management in Colebrook.  Here at Pittsburg School, he says, “I like the students and staff; they are great to work with.  Working hard to make a difference or inspire the students in a way that will have impact on their lives in some way [is what I like about teaching].”

Updated May 2018