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Meet Mr. DeWitt

Mr. Michael Bridger DeWitt teaches fifth and sixth grades here at Pittsburg School.  He and his family moved five times as he was growing up so he had a lot of different experiences.  He graduated from Hillsboro High School in Nashville, TN!  His favorite subject in high school was math.  When asked what his favorite thing was about high school, Mr. DeWitt replied, “My friends and competing to get the highest grades.”  His favorite science project in school was rebuilding a water purifier from the 1950s, and Mr. DeWitt enjoyed drawing in his art classes.  After high school, Mr. DeWitt went to Northern Arizona University where he enjoyed learning new things and meeting people.

Mr. DeWitt grew up with a sister, and he especially liked playing games outside when he was a child.  His favorite childhood book was the Francis series, which he really loved because his mom read it to him.

Mr. DeWitt said that his favorite holiday is Thanksgiving as he loves all of the food associated with the meal because, “I like to eat.”  Asked who is favorite comedian is, he responded “the team of Abbott and Costello.”  His favorite cartoon is Peanuts with Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

Mr. DeWitt and his family have three cats (Jasmine, Shadow, and Rascal) and one dog (Layla).  His favorite vacation is “any place with family.”  His family is what Mr. DeWitt likes best about his life. 

Before coming here to Pittsburg School to teach, Mr. DeWitt lived in California. Asked what his favorite thing is about working here at Pittsburg School, he replied, “the feeling of a big family.”  He likes working with students and “seeing the ‘light’ coming on when a student gets it.”

Updated January 2015