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Meet Mr. John Bean

Mr. John Bean joined the staff at Pittsburg School in the fall of 2019, and he teaches math and physics in  our high school.  He was born in Concord, NH and has an older sister and an older brother.  His dad owned the general store in town, and his mom worked as a secretary.  His family always had cats when he was growing up; the first one was named Bootsie.  As a child, Mr. Bean liked the story Here’s a Penny which was a story about a little boy who was adopted.  He liked watching Scooby-Doo on TV.

Growing up, Mr. Bean enjoyed playing hockey. He said he doesn’t really remember anything exceptionally funny happening to him as a child, but he said, “I do know I was always dirty and muddy from playing outdoors all the time.”

Mr. Bean went to high school in Hopkinton, NH, and his favorite subject was math.  Following high school, he started going to college part-time at Merrimack Valley Community College, and then he went to UNH in Durham to complete his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  Later he got his Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Connecticut.  At this time, he is enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Maine.  Asked what his favorite thing was about college, he responded, “I loved that there were just SO many interesting things to learn.”  He didn’t like hitchhiking 23 miles each way to and from UNH every day.  He said, “Not recommended!”

Mr. Bean enjoys helping students to learn difficult things.  His favorite thing to teach was a college course called “Mechanics of Materials”, which is similar to physics.  He said that many engineering students find that to be a very difficult course, and he likes helping them to get through it.  “Plus, I have taught it so many times, I know it by heart.”

Before working here at Pittsburg School, Mr. Bean worked at the University of Alaska in Anchorage, Alaska. He likes working here in Pittsburg because the faculty, staff, and students are all very nice. He taught college for 30 years, but this is his first year teaching high school.  In the summer, Mr. Bean is working on a research project in Barrow (Utqiagvik), Alaska studying erosion due to climate change.  As he is pretty new to town, he doesn’t yet belong to any community groups. 

Mr. Bean decided to become a teacher when he discovered he liked helping other people to learn things.  His favorite classroom projects involve having his students do small surveying projects where they can apply some of what they are learning to real-world situations. He enjoys reading mostly non-fiction books related to the outdoors and nature. 

Mr. Bean has three Alaskan husky sled dogs named Quest, Derby, and Yukon and also a white cat named KitKat.  He once had two small turtle,s but they didn’t do very well living indoors.

Bobby Orr is Mr. Bean’s hero because he is a great hockey player, but also because he was always humble and respectful to others.  Mr. Bean feels his best talent is teaching and also analyzing problems.  In his spare time, Mr. Bean likes hiking, mountain biking, skiing, fishing, kayaking, mushing, and photography.  He describes a memorable experience saying, “This wasn’t really a vacation, but in 2006 I got to spend two months working on a research project in Antarctica.”


·         Cartoon character: Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph

·         Ice cream: cookie dough

·         Breed of dog: Alaska Husky

·         Holiday: Christmas

·         Sport: mushing

·         Sports team: UConn Women’s basketball team

·         NFL player: Bart Starr

·         Outside activity: hiking

·         Vacation place: Mojave Desert

·         TV show: The Office

·         Movie: Good Will Hunting

·         Type of vehicle: RAM truck

·         Singer: Jackson Browne

·         Type of music: folk and rock

·         Dream place to visit: Scotland, because he has ancestors from there

·         Toy growing up: Snoopy Sniffer


 Updated 1/24/2020