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Meet Mr. Learned


Mr. Steve Learned works for the Abbey Group.  He and Christina and Danielle prepare some wonderful meals for our staff and students here at Pittsburg School.
Mr. Learned has two sisters.  He graduated from Telster High School in Bethel, Maine.  In high school he really enjoyed taking part in band and participating in sports.  He ran track and played both basketball and soccer.  His favorite subject in high school was history.  After high school, Mr. Learned attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.  Learning about the science of cooking really interested him.  He never held any other jobs as he always wanted to be a chef.  Did you know that he was a chef at the Balsams for many years?
As a child, Mr. Learned’s favorite book was  My Side of the Mountain.  The book was so special to him because, “I always wanted to run away and live in the woods.”  As a child he loved to play baseball.  Mr. Learned’s favorite vacation destination is his camp in the Maine woods.  Hobbies include fishing, playing golf, and reading.  His favorite season is fall; in the winter he likes to go skiing.  Mr. Learned said his favorite movie is  Star Wars.  His favorite thing to eat for supper is a roast turkey dinner with apple pie and ice cream for dessert.
When asked what his favorite thing about working at Pittsburg School is, he replied, “Everyone is so very friendly!”