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Meet Mr. Zach Burrows

Mr. Zach Burrows is our English teacher.  and he is new to Pittsburg School this year (2019-2020).  He was born in Laconia, NH and his step-father was a facilities manager for SAU 45.  His mother works as a school nurse.  As a child, Mr. Burrows and his siblings had a golden retriever.  He really enjoyed reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling.  When he was young, Mr. Burrows liked playing baseball and watching Dragonball Z on TV.

Mr. Burrows went to high school at Moultonborough Academy where his favorite subject was English.  After he left high school, he went to college at both Saint Michael’s College and Plymouth State University. He loved the classes he was able to take in college and the places he was able to go.

Asked what he likes about teaching, Mr. Burrows said, “Sharing my passion for the written word with students and hopefully making a difference.”  He has been teaching for one year, and he likes teaching here at Pittsburg School because he likes the class sizes and the ability to teach multiple grade levels.  Currently, he teaches 7th & 8th grade English, English 9 & 10, American literature, British literature, and creative writing, and film and media criticism.  His favorite class to teach is creative writing.  In fact, his favorite classroom projects are anything that allows the students to be creative. Before he worked here, he taught at Interlakes Elementary School.  In addition to working here at Pittsburg School, he is also the new librarian for the Bremer Pond Memorial Library here in Pittsburg.

When Mr. Burrows was asked why he decided to become a teacher, he responded, “To give back to a community in the same way that many of my teachers did.”  He likes to read just about anything but said that his favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction.  He spends his free time reading.

His most memorable vacation was going to Japan for two weeks and exploring the main island.


·         Disney character: Eeyore

·         Breed of dog: golden retriever

·         Sport: pro-wrestling

·         Outside activity: walking

·         Vacation place: Japan

·         TV show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

·         Movie: Empire Strikes Back

·         Type of vehicle: one that moves! 

·         Dream place to visit: either Japan or England because he really enjoys the culture in both places

·         Toy growing up: action figures


Updated 1/24/2020