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Meet Mrs. Bernhardt


Mrs. Emily Bernhardt is our physical education teacher.  She and her brother grew up here in Pittsburg and graduated from Pittsburg School.  In high school, Mrs. Bernhardt played soccer, basketball, and softball.  It is no surprise that her favorite subject was physical education, but she also really enjoyed science.  Asked about her favorite science project in school, she replied, “dropping an egg out of a third floor window.  We had to create a structure that would not let the egg break.”

As a child, Mrs. Bernhardt’s favorite cartoon was Looney Tunes, especially Bugs Bunny.  Now she likes Veggie Tales, which she watches with her two sons.  Her favorite holiday is Christmas with turkey being listed as her favorite holiday food.  She and her family are active members of Faith Chapel Assembly of God Church in Columbia.

Following high school, Mrs. Bernhardt attended Keene State College where she got her physical education teacher certificate for grades K-12.  While at Keene State College, Mrs. Bernhardt was part of a Christian Outreach Group called, Campus Crusade for Christ; she was even the president of that group in her senior year. Recently, she graduated from Kaplan University with a BS in Health and Wellness in 2013.

Before coming here to teach at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Bernhardt taught at the American School of Gymnastics teaching students from age three up to college level.  Asked what she likes about teaching, Mrs. Bernhardt replied, “I love being active and working with all age levels from K-12.  The smile on a student’s face when they first discover they can do an activity is priceless.  That is the true joy of teaching and knowing that I had a part in that discovery.” 

Asked what she likes best about her life, Mrs. Bernhardt answered as follows, “My relationship with the Lord Almighty who helps me every day.  My family, my husband and sons, who I get to come home to every day and who make each day a little brighter.” Her personal motto is, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13”

Updated January 2015