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Meet Mrs. Emily Bernhardt

Meet Mrs. Emily Bernhardt:


Mrs. Emily Bernhardt is our physical education and health teacher.  She was born in Lancaster, NH and has one brother.  Her mother worked as a science teacher here at Pittsburg School, and her father owns his own business (W.D. Dorman and Son).  When she was a child, Mrs. Dorman had a dog named Fuel.  She really enjoyed reading the Berenstain Bears books and watching Bugs Bunny on TV.  When she was little, she had a turtle that was smaller than her palm but a little bigger than a 50-cent piece.

Mrs. Bernhardt went to school here at Pittsburg School where she enjoyed playing basketball for the Pittsburg Panthers.  Her favorite high school subjects were science and physical education.

After high school, Mrs. Bernhardt went to college at Keene State College.  Her favorite thing about college was belonging to a club called Campus Crusade for Christ.  She wasn’t happy to have to transfer from Gordon College to Keene State College because of the distance away from good friends and because not all of her credits transferred.  This meant she had to take summer classes to get caught up and “it still took her 4 ½ years to graduate from college.”

Mrs. Bernhardt decided to become a teacher because her mother was her role model and, “I got to see her make such a difference in the lives of students, and she was so dedicated to her job, she inspired me to become a teacher.” Her mother is her hero.  “She has shown me what a great teacher, mother, and strong woman of God looks like, and if I can be just half the woman she is, I would be very honored.”   

Mrs. Bernhardt has been teaching for 17 years now. She likes teaching badminton because “I have been playing since I was young and can also play with my left hand.  Some students say I’m pretty good.”  She also has fun doing her survival unit and being outside with her students.

Before Mrs. Bernhardt starting teaching here, she worked for The American School of Gymnastics.  She taught three-year-olds all the way up to college cheerleaders how to do many skills in gymnastics.  In addition to teaching here, Mrs. Bernhardt has worked with her husband doing fly fishing shows around MA and NH for Lopstick Lodge.  She says, “It is a lot of fun and maybe someday working for Lopstick will be my second job.”

Mrs. Bernhardt says her greatest talent is being blessed with athletic ability. Mrs. Bernhardt is a member of Faith Chapel Assembly of God in Columbia, NH. She doesn’t really like reading unless it is her Bible and devotional books.

Asked what she likes about teaching, Mrs. Bernhardt responded, “I like to see the ah-ha moment.  That is truly the best feeling as a teacher…the moment that your student gets what you’re talking about or trying to show them.”  She likes working here because, “I used to be a student here and love the fact that I’m an alumnus that can help make a difference in the lives of students like my mother did at this school.”

She describes her most memorable vacation as follows: “The time we went on our first Disney cruise and my boys, husband, and I got to interact with a dolphin at Atlantis.  My boys were so young, and I had never in my life been in the water and up close with a dolphin.  I loved it and will never forget that cruise.”

In her spare time, Mrs. Bernhardt likes to be outside snowshoeing, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, and playing or watching sports.  She cheers for all the New England teams.  She also enjoys spending time with family and friends.


·         Disney character: Goofy

·         Ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter cup ice cream

·         Holiday: Christmas

·         Sport: basketball

·         Sports team: any New England team for each sport

·         Outside activity: snowshoeing

·         Vacation place: Disney cruise

·         Singer: Reba McIntyre

·         Type of music: country and Christian

·         Dream place to visit: Alaska because she has always wanted to do an Alaskan cruise someday

·         Toy growing up: Game Boy (she still has it!)

Updated 1/28/2020