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Meet Mrs. Cartwright


Mrs. April Cartwright is our science teacher.  She grew up in Clarksville and graduated from Pittsburg School.  Mrs. Cartwright has an older brother and sister.  While in high school, Mrs. Cartwright enjoyed activities such as Key Club, music theater, National Honor Society, and the soccer team.  Her favorite high school subject was biology.  She says that she remembers making an amusement park in her physics class, and then they all got to go to Canobie Lake Park for a “physics day”.  She played soccer in high school, and enjoyed painting wooden crafts in her art class.  She says, “We cut them out in the tech. ed. room and painted them in art class.  I made signs, a mitten holder, and a decorated box.”

As a child, Mrs. Cartwright’s favorite book was called My Icky Picky Sister.  She quipped, “I ‘read it’ to my sister….while holding it upside down, when I was two.  I had actually memorized the whole book.”  In her spare time, she liked playing games such as Boggle, card games like Skip-Bo, and doing lots of arts and craft projects too.  When she was growing up, Mrs. Cartwright’s family had cows, chickens, a sheep, and rabbits.

Following high school, Mrs. Cartwright went to college at Keene State College where she liked having lots of classes to choose from and living with her awesome friends.  Before coming to teach here in Pittsburg, Mrs. Cartwright worked as a tutor in college and was also an Upward Bound teacher.

Mrs. Cartwright and her husband have a dog named Bella and a rabbit which they named Hawkeye.  She stated that her favorite holiday is Christmas, and she particularly enjoys eating cheesy potato casserole during that season.  Jeff Dunham is her favorite comedian, and her favorite cartoon is Garfield.  When asked what her favorite vacation destination is, she emphatically replied, “The Beach!”

Mrs. Cartwright really likes getting to work with the same students year after year here at Pittsburg School.  She likes being able to create new lab activities and projects also.  Living close to her family is what Mrs. Cartwright likes best about her life. 

Updated January 2015