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Meet Mrs. April Wallace

Meet Mrs. April Wallace:


Mrs. Wallace teaches all of the science classes for grades 7-12 as well as a general math class here at Pittsburg School.  She grew up in Clarksville, and she shared that her favorite subject in school was science.  She got her bachelor’s degree from Keene State College where her favorite thing was the huge variety of classes she was able to choose from.  She didn’t particularly like having 8:00 a.m. classes and always tried to schedule later ones, if possible.  As she said, “I am NOT a morning person!” She decided to become a teacher because she wanted to work with children and to help others.


Here at Pittsburg School here favorite thing to teach is ecology.  “I think the diversity of living things and how they interact is amazing!”  Her favorite projects in the classroom are engineering projects like catapults.  She’s been teaching here for nine years and spends at least eight hours a day on her work.  Before working here, she worked as a waitress and a tutor while she was in college.  In addition to her teaching job now, she also makes and sells jewelry and crafts. 


Mrs. Wallace likes to read saying that her favorite books are historical fiction and science-related nonfiction.  She really enjoys cooking saying, “I love to try new recipes.”  She has been up Mt. Washington once on the auto road and once on the Cog Railway.


Mrs. Wallace's favorite season is spring when she can begin planting her garden and go hiking and walking outside.  In her spare time, she creates a variety of crafts.  She has two dogs; one named Bella and one named Alvin.



Food: chocolate

Type of art: Impressionism

Holiday: Christmas

Sport: soccer

Thing to do in winter: snuggle up inside with a blanket and a book or a craft

Thing to do in summer: go to the beach or kayak

Vacation place: the ocean and the Maine coast

TV Show: Friends and the Big Bang Theory

Color: purple

Type of car: Mustang

Candy: Reeses

Type of music: pop and rock

Dream place to visit: Scotland because her mother’s family is Scottish

Toy growing up: Teddy Ruxpin, a bear that reads stories


Asked what she likes about teaching, Mrs. Wallace replied, “Every day is different.”  She likes working here because she likes the “close relationship with other faculty members and with the students.”

Updated Feb. 2018