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Meet Mrs. Dorman

Mrs. Kimberly Dorman works at our school as our speech and language teacher.  She moved to Pittsburg from NY when she was a child and has an older sister and a younger brother.  Did you know that Mrs. O’Brien is Mrs. Dorman’s mom?  As a child, Mrs. Dorman liked to go roller skating and using hockey sticks with her big sister, Jeannie.  She says, “We would play roller hockey in parking lots.”

As a teenager, Mrs. Dorman fell in love with the tragic romance of the book Wuthering Heights stating, “Even though the characters were adults, I felt they embodied the crazy emotions and confusion that teenagers experience, and could really relate to the story.”

Mrs. Dorman graduated from Pittsburg School.  While attending our school, she liked going on class trips, visiting museums with her history, science, and art classes, and going on a cruise to the Bahamas.  She said, “I worked hard with my classmates on fundraisers so we could travel.  Our class trip to the Bahamas was paid in full with extra spending money for all.”  While in school, Mrs. Dorman’s favorite science project was making a volcano out of clay; it portrayed a full scene with a simple explosion.  In her art class, Mrs. Dorman’s favorite project was making a skeleton teacher.  “My art teacher let me draw her as herself and then as her skeleton.”

Mrs. Dorman’s favorite subject in high school was English and poetry.  She played basketball and softball and also participated in cross-country and cheering.  Following high school, Mrs. Dorman attended Notre Dame College.  She really liked attending that college with her older sister, Jeannie.  “I didn’t feel far from home because my sister and I went together,” she said.

Currently, Mrs. Dorman and her family do not have any pets but she said, “I love basset hounds.  I owned two, Mabel and Burton.  I also used to own a mouse named Peg, and a bird named, Mia.”

Christmas is Mrs. Dorman’s favorite holiday.  She stated, “It allows my shopping habit to go wild.  The day is always so fun and relaxing with friends and family.  I love the quiet of Christmas morning before the excitement begins.”  Her favorite holiday foods are warm pumpkin and pecan pies with vanilla ice cream.

Mrs. Dorman said that her favorite comedian is Bill Cosby quoting a line from his show, “Dad is great! He gives us chocolate cake!”  She likes to watch all Disney and Pixar movies and animations.  She and her family are active in the Faith Chapel Assembly of God in Columbia.  Every April she and her family come up with a new place to travel.  This year they will be going to Disney World.  She said, “I hope we return to it again.”

Asked if she has ever lived on a farm or had chickens, she said, “No!  I am not a fan of farms or chickens, although I truly appreciate their hard work and goods that they produce.”  Before working here in Pittsburg, Mrs. Dorman worked at Allegheny Pain Management as a billing manager in Pennsylvania.

When talking about what she likes best about her life, Mrs. Dorman responded, “Honestly, I love everything about my life…my family, my husband, my kids, my job.  I love that the Dorman family has made a business in Pittsburg, and we are here to stay.  My personal motto is ‘Do to others as you want done to you.’”  Asked about her favorite thing about working at Pittsburg School, she stated, “Some jobs you have to sit down a lot.  Not this one.  I have about 25 steps that I get to walk about every half hour.  I get great exercise every time I pick up a new student!  I like working with students on their social skills and helping to prevent bullying.  So many of my students are very young and impressionable.  We have a great opportunity as teachers to make a better tomorrow.”


Updated January 2015