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Meet Mrs. Jessica Haynes

Meet Mrs. Jessica Haynes:


Mrs. Haynes teaches preschool and kindergarten here at Pittsburg School. She grew up in Colebrook where she said her favorite subject was math.  She went to Keene State College and says that her favorite thing about college was meeting new people.  She didn’t really like being away from family and friends when she was at college.  Mrs. Haynes is currently working on earning her masters’ degree in curriculum and instruction. 


Mrs. Haynes has been teaching for 12 years now.  Before working here, she worked at JC Penney when she was in college.  The other job she has now is being a good mom.  In her classroom, Mrs. Haynes says that her favorite thing to teach is science.  She enjoys doing experiments with her students and testing hypothesis to see what works, what doesn’t work, and how the experiment can be changed to that it will work. 


Mrs. Haynes enjoys reading nonfiction books. She and her family have a dog named Jaydee and two cats; one named Zoey and one named Jane.  She has driven up Mt. Washington but hasn’t climbed it. 


Mrs. Haynes says that her favorite season is spring when she and her family can do maple sugaring at the family sugar house.  In her spare time, Mrs. Haynes likes to bake, clean, and organize.  She said she thinks her best talent is baking and decorating cupcakes.



Food: spaghetti

Holiday: Christmas

Thing to do in winter: drink hot chocolate after playing outside with her two kids

Thing to do in summer: be outside riding her bike, hiking, walking, etc.

Color: pink

Candy: Skittles

Type of music: pop


Asked what she likes about teaching, Mrs. Haynes replied, “Seeing a child master something that may have previously been difficult for them.”  She enjoys working here at Pittsburg School because, “It’s a preK to 12th grade school so I get to watch the students learn and grow from the time they start school until they graduate from high school.”

Updated Jan. 2018