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Meet Mrs. Haynes


Mrs. Haynes is our pre-k and kindergarten teacher here at Pittsburg School.
Mrs. Haynes says that her favorite childhood books were the Berenstain Bears series.  She liked every book in the series and says, “I’m not sure why I enjoyed them so much, but I’ve given all mine to my children and continue to buy newer ones for their own ever-growing libraries.”  Mrs. Haynes has an older brother.  As a child, she enjoyed playing such well-known games as Candyland, Yahtzee, and Monopoly.
Mrs. Haynes is a North Country girl and graduated from Colebrook Academy.  Her favorite high school subject was school-to-work.  She was able to work with Mrs. Coats, the kindergarten teacher in Colebrook.  She always knew that she wanted to be a teacher, ever since she was a young child, so she enjoyed working with Mrs. Coats and actually teaching her first lessons to children when she was a senior in high school.
Mrs. Haynes attended college at Keene State College.  She thought it was important to learn that you can achieve a lot with a little hard work and determination.
Mrs. Haynes and her husband and two young children live in Pittsburg and have a dog named Jaydee and a cat named Zoey Jane.  For supper, her favorite thing to have is spaghetti, and she enjoys having chocolate ice cream for dessert.
Mrs. Haynes helps out in our community as the coordinator for the Box Tops for Education collection.  We are currently collecting Box Tops for Education to help fund a new playground for our school and community.  Have you brought in any labels for the collection?
Mrs. Haynes said that fall is her favorite season because, “it’s cool outside and the colors are absolutely beautiful.”  In the winter she enjoys making snowmen and sliding with her children.  Did anyone else say that they enjoyed making snowmen with their children?  Who did?  Mrs. Haynes’ hobbies are playing and spending time with her children no matter what they are doing.  
Before becoming a teacher, Mrs. Haynes delivered newspapers door-to-door as a young child!  In high school, she worked at the IGA in Colebrook as a cashier and later as a courtesy booth attendant.  In college, she worked at JC Penney.
Mrs. Haynes really enjoys cooking, especially desserts although “I don’t always enjoy the dishes I create!”  Her favorite movie is  Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  She says, “I’ve watched it so many time I could recite the entire movie!”  
Mrs. Haynes enjoys “being a kindergarten teacher here because I am the one who teaches the students first and I get to watch them learn, grow, and mature throughout their school career.”