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Meet Mrs. Tammy Jeralds

Mrs. Tammy Jeralds wears a lot of hats at Pittsburg School.  She teaches family and consumer science, health, SAP and nutrition.  She belongs to many different groups in this school.

She was born in Exeter, NH and has two brothers and four sisters.  Her dad was an auto body tech., and her mother owned and ran a pizza/sub shop.  Her mom was and still is her hero.  She said, “My mom is a strong woman, a hard worker, a good person, and a great mother.”

As a child, her first pet was a hamster, and she loved the Old Mother Hubbard book.  She enjoyed watching “Bewitched” and “Romper Room” on TV.  As a child she liked to spy on her older brothers and sisters when they had parties!

Mrs. Jeralds went to Winnacunnet High School in Hampton when she was in 9th grade and then she moved to Portsmouth High School for 10th-12th grades.  Her favorite high school classes were English and Child Care and Development.

Mrs. Jeralds went to Vermont College after high school and then pursued her masters’ degree at Lesley College later.  She absolutely loves learning new things.  It was hard for her to head to college because it meant leaving her family for a while to go to her residency.

Before coming to teach here at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Jeralds worked for the Exeter Dispatch Center as a communication supervisor.  She was also a bus driver! She shared that she has always had something to do with education throughout her life which is why she decided to become a teacher. She has been teaching since 2006. Here at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Jeralds’ favorite thing to teach is cooking because it is a life skill that all students should have. She loves working on sewing projects in her classroom as well as the family meal she has her students do.  They make a breakfast together and then sit down to enjoy the meal.

Mrs. Jeralds’ once took care of a pink-toed tarantula!  Nowadays she has dogs named Maggie and Toby. She feels that her best talent is her creativity.  She enjoys reading many different types of books.  In her spare time, Mrs. Jeralds loves kayaking, quilting, swimming, cooking, and more recently making baskets.

Mrs. Jeralds shared that her most memorable vacation was going to the Bahamas on a cruise with her husband, Bill.  She said, “Anytime spent with Bill and my kids is wonderful.”

Asked what she likes about teaching, Mrs. Jeralds’ response was, “My students.  I learn so much from them and enjoy each day! I like my colleagues and the students at Pittsburg School. I also like all of the different classes I teach and the extra things I get to do.”


·         Disney character: Belle

·         Ice cream: cappuccino crunch

·         Breed of dog: golden retriever

·         Holiday: Christmas and Thanksgiving

·         Sport: football

·         Sports team: Patriots

·         NFL player: Tom Brady

·         Outside activity: kayaking

·         Vacation place: warm beaches

·         TV show: Madam Secretary

·         Movie: Dan in Real Life

·         Type of vehicle: Chevy truck

·         Singer: George Strait

·         Type of music: country

·         Dream place to visit: Ireland because it looks so beautiful

Toy growing up: Barbies and a Mrs. Beasley doll

Updated 1/24/2020