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Meet Mrs. Lisa Kenny

Meet Mrs. Lisa Kenny:


Mrs. Kenny works at our school several days each month as the Title I project manager and as a reading specialist.  She grew up in Middlebury, VT.  In school, her favorite subject was reading.  Mrs. Kenny went to college at Castleton State College in Vermont.  At college she particularly liked meeting new people and taking courses and learning about things she is interested in.  When asked what she didn’t like about college, she replied, “The cost!”  Mrs. Kenny has her masters in Curriculum and Development. 


Mrs. Kenny has been at Colebrook Elementary School since 1992.  Before that, she taught in Stockholm, Maine, Plattsburg, NY, Sacramento, CA, and York, Maine.  She and her husband and son also run the Northern Comfort Motel down in Colebrook.


Mrs. Kenny said that she knew she wanted to be a teacher when she was in elementary school.  She is quoted as saying, “I had the greatest teachers that inspired me, and I wanted to teach others as they had taught me.”


She and her husband do not have any pets at this time.  She likes to cook sometimes but has mixed feelings about it.


Mrs. Kenny says that she loves teaching because she feels like she is learning at the same time she is teaching.  She said, “So many students share their knowledge with me about how they learn, about their families, and about their life experiences.  I enjoy watching the ‘light come on’ in students when they understand the concept we are talking about.”  She also said, “I enjoy all aspects of teaching, but my favorite is the teaching of reading because it is so complex.  There are so many areas of reading that all have to be meshed together to learn to read.  Every child is different, and I love figuring out what the most beneficial way to present material to each student happens to be.”  In the classroom, her favorite thing to do is keep up-to-date on the latest news on the teaching of reading and math.  She’s been teaching for 30 years now and spends between eight and ten hours a day on her job.


Mrs. Kenny loves to read.  She likes many different genres and chooses them depending on how she is feeling at the time.  She enjoys historical fiction and mysteries the best.


Mrs. Kenny has been up Mt. Washington many times.  Her favorite time of year is summer because of the warmer weather.  She enjoys kayaking, swimming, hiking, and exploring nature.  She also likes spending time traveling with her husband.


When asked what she feels is her best talent, she answered, “That’s a hard question.  I guess I feel that I am a positive person who tries to always look on the bright side of the situation.”


Mrs. Kenny’s list of favorites:


Food: chocolate

Type of art work: all kinds

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Sport: Baseball

Sports team: Red Sox and Patriots

Things to do in winter: snowshoe and snowmobile.

Things to do in summer: kayak, swim, hike

Vacation place: anywhere warm, but especially Key West

TV Show: no favorite

Color: green

Type of car: Chevy Tahoe

Candy: Snickers and Reese peanut butter cups

Type of music: all

Dream place to visit: Tahiti because it looks absolutely gorgeous

Toy growing up: Barbie dolls


Asked what she likes about working at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Kenny replied, “Pittsburg School is a very friendly, caring environment that I feel welcomed in.  I am part-time at Pittsburg School and enjoy the time I spend here as Title I project manager and reading specialist.”

Updated Jan. 2018