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Meet Mrs. Lisa Kenny

Meet Mrs. Lisa Kenny:


Lisa Kenny is our part-time reading specialist here at Pittsburg School. She was born in Rutland, VT and has one brother and one sister.  Her dad was a teacher, and her mom was a secretary.  Her first pet as a child was a cat, but she can’t remember its name.  As a child, Mrs. Kenny enjoyed reading Nancy Drew mysteries and watching Scooby Doo on TV.  In remembering a funny event from her childhood, she described fishing with her cousins and one of them casting and getting the hook caught in her nose.  Mrs. Kenny screamed loudly when that happened.

Mrs. Kenny went to high school in Middlebury, VT where her favorite subject was math.  After high school she went on to college at Castleton State College.  She said her favorite thing about college was being out on her own, and her least favorite thing about college was having to pay for it!

Mrs. Kenny has been teaching for 35 years now and decided to become a teacher because she loves children. Before working here at Pittsburg School, she worked in Stockholm, ME, Sacramento and Merced, CA, York, ME, Plattsburgh, NY, and then Colebrook Elementary School.  In addition to being a teacher here, Mrs. Kenny owns the Northern Comfort Motel in Colebrook which she runs with her son and her brother-in-law.  Mrs. Kenny is also active in the North Country Chamber of Commerce, the Garden Club and the Snowmobile Clubs and was once a Library trustee in Colebrook.

Mrs. Kenny says her favorite thing to teach is reading because, “It is amazing to watch young students become readers, even though it is an extremely difficult task.”  Mrs. Kenny says, “I love teaching because I learn from the students as they learn.  Children are such sponges, and I love to watch them comprehend whatever it is they are learning about.”  She likes teaching here in Pittsburg because, “The school is so warm and inviting and creative.  Everyone here appears to be very happy and content with their environment.”

Mrs. Kenny likes to read mostly historical nonfiction, but she reads other genres as well.  She says her hero is her friend who has been battling cancer for six years and continues to stay strong and living her life to the fullest. 

Mrs. Kenny feels that her best talent is being a friendly face to talk to.  Her most memorable vacation was a trip to Alaska with her husband.  She said, “My husband and I drove around the state in total awe at the beauty.”  In her spare time, Mrs. Kenny likes to read, snowshoe, snowmobile, go boating, and traveling.


·         Ice cream: fudge ripple

·         Holiday: Thanksgiving

·         Sport: baseball

·         Sports team: Red Sox

·         NFL player: Tom Brady

·         Outside activity: hiking, walking, showshoeing

·         Vacation place: Key West, FL

·         Type of vehicle: convertible

·         Singer: Jimmy Buffett

·         Type of music: too many to name

·         Dream place to visit: Tahiti because it looks warm

·         Toy growing up: Barbie

Updated 1/24/2020