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Meet Mrs. Lundberg


Diana Lundberg is one of our para-professionals here at Pittsburg School.  She grew up in Presque Isle, Maine but later moved to Salem, NH, where she went to high school.  Mrs. Lundberg’s favorite subject in school was history.  While in high school, she enjoyed making friends and attending school dances.  After high school, Mrs. Lundberg attended LaBaron’s Hair Design and really loved making new friends and learning how to cut and style hair and mix colors.

Mrs. Lundberg has three siblings.  Her favorite childhood book was Black Beauty, which she enjoyed because of the adventures that the beautiful horse experienced.  She and her friends and siblings liked to play with paper dolls, jump rope, play tag, and play with Barbie dolls, and sometimes she and the children in her neighborhood would put on plays.

In school, Mrs. Lundberg remembers making a log cabin with her grandfather using small branches, moss, and birch bark; she was in seventh grade at the time.  She says, “I had a great art teacher.  I remember a painting of birds, and I liked working with pastels.”

Though she didn’t personally have a farm, her grandfather had a farm which she enjoyed visiting.  She even learned how to milk a cow!  Currently, Mrs. Lundberg and her husband have three dogs named Quincy, Bella, and Cooper, a cat named Aldo, and a bird named Kiwi.

When Mrs. Lundberg was asked what her favorite vacation destination is, she replied, “Jamaica.  It is beautiful, warm, and the water is crystal blue.  The weather is so warm.”  Her favorite holiday is Christmas, and she listed her favorite holiday foods as being chocolate cherries, Baklava, and Christmas cookies.  She said that her favorite comedian is Jeff Dunham, and her favorite cartoon is Handy Manny because it shows kids how to help others and to work together.

Before working here in Pittsburg, Mrs. Lundberg worked at a hair salon later becoming a stay-at-home mom to her two children and working from home for her family business.  She also had a hair salon in her home.  Asked what her favorite thing is about working at Pittsburg School, she replied, “Just being out working, working with the kids and the teachers and making friends.  I [like teaching because] it gives me a joy of helping a child experience the wonder of learning something new! And see them amazed at what they can do.”  Regarding what she likes best about her life and what her personal motto is, Mrs. Lundberg answered, “[I have] a wonderful family, grandchildren, a fantastic husband and son and daughter.  [I love] our life in Pittsburg and our animals (3 dogs, a cat, and a bird).  [My personal motto is] Do the best you can.”

Updated January 2015