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Meet Mrs. Dawn Pettit

Mrs. Dawn Pettit is our school’s guidance counselor.  She was born down in Colebrook, NH and has two older sisters.  Her mother worked as a teacher, and her father was a town road agent.  Mrs. Pettit’s first pet was a dog named Anna.  Her favorite childhood book was Flip, which is about a foal.  Her favorite TV show as a child was Jem and the Holograms.

Mrs. Pettit went to high school at the Community Baptist School where she enjoyed studying history and playing basketball.  After high school she went on to study at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC.  While in college she loved meeting so many new people and making best friends.  Being so far away from home was hard for her though.

Mrs. Pettit has been a guidance counselor for 25 years now.  She loves seeing students grow and realize that they can do anything that they put their mind to.  She really likes working with students to teach them about friendship groups because, “It is nice to see students get to be better friends to each other.” She also enjoys helping seniors get prepared for college.   She became a teacher in order to work with children and to help students when they need it.  She feels that her best talent is listening and helping others.

Before working at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Pettit worked at the Groveton School and also as a substance abuse prevention counselor and at Child and Family Services.  Asked what she likes about working here at Pittsburg School, she replied, “I love our school, our students, and our Panther Pride!” 

In addition to working here at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Pettit works with 4-H and with the Coos County 4-H Advisory Council.  

Mrs. Pettit loves to read, especially books about animals and other non-fiction books.  Mrs. Pettit has lots of pets at this time; two American Paint horses, 16 rabbits, three chickens, two German shepherds, two goldfish, and one cat.  Years ago she even took care of a flicker, which is a type of woodpecker.  After she nursed it back to health, she let it go.

Asked who her hero is, she replied, “My mom, because she has always been loving and kind.”  Her favorite vacation is anytime she can go to the ocean.  In her spare time, Mrs. Pettit loves working with all of her animals and helping her children with their dairy cow showing and rabbit showing for 4-H.


·         Disney character: Pluto

·         Ice cream: fly fishing fudge

·         Breed of dog: German shepherd

·         Holiday: Christmas

·         Sport: baseball and football

·         Sports team: Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots

·         NFL player: Tom Brady

·         Outside activity: snowshoeing (winter) and swimming (summer)

·         Vacation place: the ocean

·         TV show: Dr. Pol (The Incredible Dr. Pol)

·         Movie: The Man from Snowy River

·         Type of vehicle: Chevrolet Silverado

·         Singer: Trisha Yearwood

·         Type of music: country

·         Dream place to visit: Australia because she would like to see all of the different animals that live there

·         Toy growing up: Breyer model horses (she has over 70 of them!)

Updated 2/5/2020