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Meet Mrs. Amanda Phillips

Mrs. Amanda Phillips is our school’s special education teacher.  She has been working in special education for 25 years now.  Mrs. Phillips was born in St. Johnsbury, VT and has one sister and one brother.  Her mom was a nurse, and her dad owned a paint and wallpaper business.  The first pet she had as a child was a dog.  She had several favorite books when she was a child; Charlotte’s Web,  The Shy Little Kitten, and The Mouse and the Motorcycle.  She enjoyed watching Sylvester and Tweety, Roadrunner, MASH, the Brady Bunch, and The Beverly Hillbillies when she was young.

Mrs. Phillips described a funny thing that happened when she was a child.  She and a friend put one of their classmates in a garbage can!  They had to call home after that to get some clean clothes!

Mrs. Phillips went to high school at St. Johnsbury Academy.  Her favorite subjects in high school were driver’s education and lunch!  After high school, she went to Green Mountain College where she enjoyed meeting people from all over the country.  She didn’t really like having to take a class on musicals done in foreign languages though.

Mrs. Phillips enjoys teaching because she likes to see the improvements that students can make.  Her favorite thing to teach is reading because she likes to track and see the growth in the students’ reading abilities.  She enjoys doing hands-on projects with her students.  She said she really likes teaching here at Pittsburg School because she likes “knowing all the students and how much the staff cares about them all.”  Before she taught here in Pittsburg, Mrs. Phillips worked at the Guildhall School in Vermont, and she also worked in the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Child Care Center.  She wanted to be a teacher from the time she was a young girl.

In the summer, Mrs. Phillips has a job renting paddle boards and kayaks to people.  She likes to read books about animals and realistic fiction.  She and her family have a dog named Willow and a cat named Lucky.  Once she had a fiddler crab! In her spare time, Mrs. Phillips spends time with her family doing activities such as four-wheeling, hunting, and watching movies.

Mrs. Phillips says that her hero is Helen Keller.  “She has always inspired me.  She had to overcome some great challenges to become the person she was.”

Asked what her favorite vacation was, Mrs. Phillips responded, “Going to South Carolina with my mother last spring.  It was memorable because I haven’t been able to spend that much time with her since I was a kid.”


·         Cartoon character: Garfield

·         Ice cream: Roadrunner raspberry

·         Holiday: Christmas

·         Sport: Basketball

·         Sports team: Boston Celtics and the Red Sox

·         Outside activity: four-wheeling and hunting

·         Vacation place: Maine

·         Type of vehicle: jeep

·         Type of music: Country

·         Dream place to visit: Montana so she can see the beautiful scenery

·         Toy growing up: Tonka trucks and her bicycle


Updated 2/19/2020