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Meet Mrs. Purrington


Mrs. Tammy Purrington is one of our para-professionals here at Pittsburg School.  She grew up in Clarksville, NH with one sister and graduated from Pittsburg School.  In high school, Miss Tammy was a member of both the basketball team and the softball team and stated that the thing that she enjoyed most about high school was participating in sports and clubs and being around her friends.  As a child, Miss Tammy had fun playing checkers, Scrabble, and Trouble.

Before coming to work here at Pittsburg School, Miss Tammy worked at Ethan Allen in Beecher Falls, VT.  She likes working with and helping the children here at our school and watching them grow.

She and her husband have one cat named Fluffy.  Miss Tammy’s favorite holiday is Christmas, and she really loves eating Canadian meat pie during the Christmas season.  She said that her favorite comedian is Jeff Dunham and her favorite cartoon is Bugs Bunny.

When she and her family go on vacation, they like to go to Orlando, Florida.  She said, “We have taken our children there twice and have made wonderful memories.”  Her family is the most important thing in her life, and Miss Tammy says that her personal motto is, “It is what it is!”

Updated January 2015