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Meet Mrs. Deborah Sargent

Meet Mrs. Deborah Sargent:


Mrs. Sargent is our art teacher here at Pittsburg School.  She grew up in Plaistow, NH and her favorite subject in school was art.  She attended several different colleges: Greenfield Community College, where she received her associate’s degree in fine art and design; UNH with a Bachelor’s in child and family services; Franklin Pierce where she earned her teacher certification in art; and Lesley College where she earned her masters’ in education at Walnut Hill’s Creative Classroom.  Her favorite thing about college was learning new things. In fact, she still enjoys learning new things!


Mrs. Sargent teaches art for grades K-12 and also teaches a sculpture course for high school media students.  Her favorite thing to teach is clay.  She said, “Most students enjoy working with clay, so it makes it exciting to teach.”


Mrs. Sargent enjoys reading and said, “I enjoy books on subjects and activities that I am involved with like art, gardening, and history.  Novels set in various periods in history are also enjoyable to me.”


Before coming to teach here at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Sargent worked at Timberlane Regional Middle School.  There were 1,200 students in the three grades that went there (6th, 7th, and 8th).  She has been teaching since 1971, nearly 47 years!  She said, “I first taught art when I was a senior in high school at the local elementary school, as they did not have an art program.”  Currently her contract is 60% so she works about five hours a day here.  Sometimes she also teaches classes for adults.


Mr. and Mrs. Sargent have two mini-poodles who are sisters.  Their names are Sophie and Rosie.  She likes to cook sometimes.  She has been to the top of Mt. Washington.


Mrs. Sargent enjoys all seasons.  In the spring she enjoys the earth as it wakes up.  In the summer she likes kayaking, and in the fall, she likes the smell and colors.  Asked what she likes to do in her spare time, she laughingly replied, “What is spare time?  I volunteer on two local boards of directors (CRAG and GNWCA).”


Mrs. Sargent feels her best talent is her ability to be kind. 



Type of art work: Zen tangle-inspired art

Thing to do in summer: kayak

Vacation place: Scotland

TV Show: PBS Masterpiece Theater

Color: all of them

Type of car: Chevy Equinox

Candy: Scottish Butter Tablet

Type of music: rock and roll

Dream place to visit: Scotland for the magic, mystery, and history

Toy growing up: Tiny Tears doll and Barbies.


Asked about what she likes about working here at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Sargent replied, “There is something wonderful about watching students progress from kindergarten to grade 12. I still enjoy the experience of watching my students apply new knowledge that they learned in my class.  I also love it when another teacher or parent tells me about their student/child sharing what they have learned in my class.  I enjoy teaching projects that my students are able to be successful at with great results.  I try to focus more on the process than the project.  It is always sweet when the process and product result in success.”


 Updated Jan. 2018