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Meet Mrs. Sharon Pearson

Meet Mrs. Sharon Pearson:


Mrs. Pearson teaches music at Pittsburg School.  She also teaches in Colebrook and is going to college to get another degree.  She grew up in Keene, NH and said her favorite subject in school was music.  She went to college at the University of New Hampshire where her favorite thing was the diversity of her education as well as studying abroad.  She didn’t like the fact that she didn’t live on campus during her senior year which meant she wasn’t able to be close to campus, her friends, and outside activities.  She teaches music K-8, chorus for 7-12, and music theatre.  Her favorite thing to teach is rhythm and choral singing because she loves showing kids how to read and feel rhythm.  She said, “[I feel] this is the basis for so many skills and experiences in music.  Reading music and being able to sing with others and perform is so much fun, but you can also sing all of your life and never need any other people, equipment, space, or even electronics!”


Before working here at Pittsburg School, she was an accompanist in Pittsburg and Colebrook and also taught private music lessons.  Her favorite projects in the classroom are creative movement activities and themed projects that all tie in with the songs.  She’s been teaching in different ways and places for about 25 years and works about 14 hours a day at this time.


Mrs. Pearson decided to become a teacher because it’s rewarding to help someone learn or discover a new skill, talent, or achievement.  Asked what she likes bout teaching, Mrs. Pearson replied, “Sharing what I’m passionate about; helping others of all ages learn what music is all about and can offer; and the variety of music, arts, and creativity altogether.”


Mrs. Pearson has two dogs; a doxie-poo named Moxie and a black lab named Olivia.  She enjoys cooking and told us she has been up Mt. Washington four times including by the Cog Railway.  She’s even had a class in the old hut on the mountain! 


Asked what her favorite season is, Mrs. Pearson said it is late summer and fall.  In her spare time, she works on her home and on various craft projects.  She said she feels her best talent is creativity plus managing lots of big elements with many small details.  Mrs. Pearson likes to read historical fiction.



Food: fish

Type of art work: fine woodworking and Celtic sculpture and design

Holiday: her birthday

Sport: ballet

Thing to do in winter: go on a retreat

Thing to do in summer: read on the porch swing, go for walks, and explore

Vacation place: a lodge at a lake

TV show: no favorite

Color: plum

Type of car: passenger train for travel

Candy: dark chocolate

Type of music: no favorite

Dream place to visit: Nova Scotia, Ireland, and Scandinavia because of the rich heritage, landscape, climate, and people

Toy growing up: any kind of puzzle


Asked what she likes most about working with us here at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Pearson replied, “The sense of family; the positivity and encouragement from families and staff; the openness of kids to trying new things.  I love my music classroom.  It’s so big and bright!”

Updated Jan. 2018