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Meet Mrs. Sharon Pearson

Meet Mrs. Sharon Pearson:


Mrs. Sharon Pearson is our music teacher.  She was born in Rochester, NY and has a younger sister.  Her dad is a professor of music education at Keene State College, and he is also a band director.  Her mother is a high school music teacher teaching general music, high school chorus, and theater.

Mrs. Pearson had a cat when she was a child.  Her favorite childhood book was Charlotte’s Web by
E. B. White.  She had fun watching The Jetson’s and Zoom on TV when she was young, and her favorite sport was dancing.

Mrs. Pearson went to high school in Keene where her favorite subjects were world literature and French.  After high school she went on to college at the University of New Hampshire in Durham.  Her freshmen year was a bit tough, but later she really enjoyed being able to study abroad in both Germany and Austria.

Mrs. Pearson loves sharing her passion through introducing new aspects of music and the magic that music can have to students of all ages and abilities.  She loves being creative. Currently, she teaches music, music theatre, and anything having to do with performing arts that any student wants to explore.  Asked what she likes about teaching here, she replied, “The caring, connected feeling of being a big family; and the level of community support for all of the students and staff.”  Her favorite thing to teach is performing arts because it is really exciting to put a variety of skills and music together with others and, “it is always an adventure even for a soloist!” Some of her favorite classroom projects are themed sets of activities and music programs to connect concepts such as this spring’s Peter and the Wolf stories.

 Before working here, she worked at Colebrook Elementary School as an accompanist, and taught private piano lessons.  She still works teaching K-3 music in Colebrook and gives private piano lessons as well. She became a teacher in order to fully help students learn and grow through music in, out, and beyond school. She has been teaching for three years now.

Mrs. Pearson does not currently participate in any community groups, but she was a founding director of the Great North Woods Committee for the Arts.  She hopes to be able to re-start directing the community choir program soon.

She has an 8-year-old Doxie-Poo dog (also known as a Doodle) named Moxie.  Moxie is a toy poodle/miniature long-haired dachshund mix.  Her most unusual pet was her first cat which was a bobtail with two different colored eyes.

She says her heroes are her parents.  She admires their talent, teaching, generosity, integrity, support, and leadership.  “They continue to be inspirations to me and hundreds of others of all ages,” she says.

Mrs. Pearson says her best talent is diversity and two-way creativity.  She can develop a spark of an idea into a whole program, or beak down a big idea into more manageable pieces.

In her spare time, Mrs. Pearson keeps getting her new home organized, is learning guitar and ukulele, and enjoys reading. Mrs. Pearson likes reading historical fiction stories. 

Mrs. Pearson’s most memorable vacation was her most recent trip to Honolulu, Hawaii for Christmas with her daughter, parents, and sister and family, and her son, who is stationed at Pearl Harbor.


·         Disney Character: Princess Merida

·         Ice cream: salted caramel coconut milk

·         Breed of dog: her Doodle

·         Holiday: St. Patrick’s Day

·         Outside activity: gardening

·         Vacation place: Europe

·         Movie: The Incredibles

·         Type of vehicle: Acura

·         Type of music: can’t choose just one!

·         Dream place to visit: Ireland because she is Irish and wants to find places where her family had roots.

·         Toy growing up: her Chrissy doll

Updated 1/24/2020