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Meet Mrs. Elaine Sherry

Mrs. Elaine Sherry is our school principal.  She was born in Rochester, NH and has six sisters and three brothers.  She says she also has 18 step-brothers and sisters!  Her late mother was an asbestos millworker and her father was a logger.  Her first childhood pet was Freddy the skunk!  She liked reading the Nancy Drew mysteries as a child.  Her family didn’t have a TV when she was growing up, but she liked to be able to watch Looney Tune cartoons when she visited with her friends.  She still doesn’t watch TV.

She described this funny event when she was a child.  “One of my brothers and I looked very much alike.  We switched clothes to see if people would notice the difference between the two of us.  It took my grandmother quite some time to notice that we were not who we were pretending to be.”

Mrs. Sherry went to Moultonborough Central School as a child and liked playing tether ball.  Her favorite high school subjects were biology and psychology.  After high school, Mrs. Sherry moved on to Granite State College, Springfield College in Massachusetts, and Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.  She liked the chance to gain knowledge and understanding when she was in college. Her least favorite thing about college was buying textbooks that the instructors hardly ever made use of.

Mrs. Sherry said that the thing she most likes about being principal is “the incredible staff within the building and the most wonderful and kind students ever.” She likes our students and staff, the “beauty of the building, and the way we come together as a community to help everyone or anyone who is in need.”

In her spare time, Mrs. Sherry is a professor at Concordia University where she teaches teachers how to teach in a competency-based grading system with authentic, real-world assessments to demonstrate understanding.  In the past, Mrs. Sherry taught biology and said she liked the content and the discoveries that continue to evolve.  When she was in the classroom teaching, genetics and ecosystems were her favorite units to teach.  She has been an educator for 20 years.  She decided to become a teacher because she wanted to assist students in being successful.

Mrs. Sherry likes to read all genres of books, as long as they are engaging within the first chapter.  She has three dogs; a giant Schnauzer, a standard poodle, and a cesky terrier.  She once had a coatimundi for a pet.

Mrs. Sherry says that her hero is someone who is honest, caring, kind, generous, and works to ensure the well-being of others.  She feels her best talent is diplomacy.  Mrs. Sherry’s favorite vacation was her trip to London, England and Paris, France.


·         Disney character: Pumbaa from the Lion King

·         Ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s American Dream

·         Breed of dog: the Scottish terrier and the Giant Schnauzer

·         Holiday: Thanksgiving

·         Sport: football

·         Sports team: New England Patriots

·         NFL player: Tom Brady

·         Outside activity: hiking and snowshoeing

·         Vacation place: Old Quebec and Haiti

·         Movie: Forest Gump

·         Type of vehicle: any vehicle that will “get me from point A to point B”

·         Singer: Adele

·         Type of music: pop

·         Dream place to visit: Egypt to see the pyramids

·         Toy growing up: Stuffed panda bear


 Updated 2/19/2020