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Meet Mrs. Elaine Sherry

Meet Mrs. Elaine Sherry:


Mrs. Sherry is the principal here at Pittsburg School.  She grew up in Moultonborough, NH and said her favorite subject in school was biology.  She went to college at Springfield College and also at Plymouth State University.  Her favorite thing about college was learning new things, but she wasn’t too crazy about writing term papers.  She has a Masters Degree in Education.  When she was an educator, her favorite thing about teaching was working with her content area and with the students.  When she was still in the classroom she taught biology, consumer science, special education, psychology, kindergarten, music, and physical education.  It sounds like she is multi-talented doesn’t it?  She particularly liked teaching biology and had fun teaching about ecosystems and studying ecological interactions with her students.  Before she started working with us here, she worked at Lisbon Regional School.  She taught for 15 years.  Here at Pittsburg School she generally works 11-14 hours a day!


Mrs. Sherry has several dogs.  Trapper is a giant Schnauzer; Gracie is her Cesky terrier; and her Tuxedo Party Poodle is named Fiona.  She enjoys cooking but not baking.  Mrs. Sherry likes to read things like the Harry Potter series, Nancy Drew series, and anything to do with life science.


Mrs. Sherry has climbed Mt. Washington several times in the past and even skied in Tuckerman’s Ravine!


She said her favorite seasons are summer and fall.  During those seasons she enjoys walking in the woods.  Even though she really likes snowshoeing, winter is not her favorite season.  In her spare time she just likes to relax.  She stated that her best talent is interior decorating.


Mrs. Sherry’s list of favorites includes:


Food: lamb, beef, and eggs

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Sport: Football

Sports Team: Patriots

Thing to do in winter: Snowshoe

Thing to do in summer: sit on the deck in Lyman and admire her amazing view

Vacation places: Savannah, Georgia and Old Quebec

TV Show: news shows, but she says she rarely watches TV and doesn’t even have cable in her home.

Colors: purple, red, blue, and orange

Type of car: Mercedes Benz

Candy: Snickers Bar, Heath Bar, Reese’s peanut butter cups

Type of music: 80’s pop and 70’s rock

Dream place to visit: Iceland to see the Northern Lights

Toy growing up: her bike


Asked what she likes about working here with us at Pittsburg School, she said, “The staff, School Board, and, of course, the students.”

Updated Jan. 2018