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Meet Mrs. Kim Sweatt

Meet Mrs. Kim Sweatt:


Mrs. Sweatt is our tech. ed. Teacher here at Pittsburg School.  She grew up in Canaan, VT and stated that her favorite subject was woodworking.  She went to college at CCV and VTC where she is in the Tech Teacher program.  She especially enjoys meeting other teachers on a similar path as she is currently on, but she really dislikes having to give oral presentations.


Before working here at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Sweatt worked at Canaan School and at Ethan Allen, Inc.  She has another job teaching woodworking part-time at Canaan School.


Mrs. Sweatt likes teaching very much.  She particularly likes seeing what ideas students have and helping the students to make those ideas a reality.  She loves seeing how happy her students are when they are successful with their projects.  In addition, she likes seeing students learn that it is okay to make a mistake and that mistakes can probably be fixed.  She currently teaches Wood I, II, and III.  Her favorite thing to teach is woodworking because it allows students to be creative and successful even with mistakes along the way.  She said, “It is a class that is as good or bad has you make it.”  She enjoys all of the projects done in her classroom but especially likes working on the lathe to do turnings.  She has been teaching for six years.  She decided to become a teacher because she has always loved woodworking and wanted to share that love with others.  She said, “I love seeing the smile a successful project gives a student.”


Mrs. Sweatt likes reading and chooses romance novels about the Civil War or about Indians.  She and her husband have a golden retriever named Lily.  She likes cooking some things but not daily meals.


Mrs. Sweatt has been up Mt. Washington doing the auto road once.  Her favorite season is summer when she can swim, go four-wheeling, go for walks, and swing on her porch swing.  In her spare time, Mrs. Sweatt reads, looks for new and different projects to try, and takes care of her grandson, Finn. 


Asked what her best talent is, Mrs. Sweatt stated, “reasoning and problem solving and lots of patience.”


Mrs. Sweatt’s list of favorites is:


Food: watermelon and pomegranates

Holiday: Christmas

Sport: volleyball

Thing to do in winter: crafting

Things to do in summer: be outside

Vacation place: cruise to the Bahamas

TV Show: Lt Joe Kenda

Color: blue or purple

Type of Car: Chevy truck

Candy: 100 Grand

Type of music: country

Dream place to visit: Montana because it looks like a beautiful place

Toy growing up: Fisher Price farm set.


Asked what she likes about teaching here at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Sweatt said, “It is a small school with a lot of support from administration, staff, families, and students.”

 Updated Jan. 2018