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Meet Mrs. Sweatt

Meet Mrs. Kim Sweatt

Mrs. Kimberly Sweatt is our tech. ed. teacher.  She is a local community member having grown up in Canaan, VT and having attended Canaan Memorial High School.  While she was in high school, she enjoyed her drafting and woodworking classes, playing soccer and basketball, and being with her friends.  In school, she had fun dissecting a frog and a crayfish; she didn’t take any art classes but stated that her favorite woodworking project was making a grandmother clock for her mother.  She did not attend college after high school but is currently pursuing her teaching degree using the alternative route through Vermont Technical College.

Mrs. Sweatt grew up on a small family farm and has one brother and two sisters.  As a child, she enjoyed playing lots of outside games.  Her favorite childhood book was The Sweet Smells of Christmas, which she particularly liked because it was a scratch and sniff book that her mother read to her at Christmas.

Mrs. Sweatt’s favorite holiday is Christmas when she really likes to eat homemade chocolates and Christmas sugar cookies.  She stated that her favorite comedian is Jeff Dunham, and she likes the cartoons “Bugs Bunny” and “The Roadrunner”. 

At vacation time, Mrs. Sweatt likes to go camping.  She also stated, “We went to the Bahamas once on a cruise and I can’t wait to do it again.”  Before coming to teach here at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Sweatt worked for Ethan Allen at the Beecher Falls division for over 28 years. 

She and her husband have a golden retriever named Lily and a cat named Memoo.  She says, “[The best thing I like about my life] is my family.  I have a wonderful husband, two great sons, one daughter-in-law, and a great extended family.”   Her personal motto is “Hope for the best; prepare for the worst; and take what comes.” (Author unknown).  Asked what she likes most about teaching, Mrs. Sweatt responded, “I love working with the kids and seeing the pride on their faces when they build and finish their projects.”