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Meet Mrs. Tanya Young

Mrs. Tanya Young is our school nurse.  She was born in West Stewartstown, NH in what is now the Coos County Nursing Home.  She has one brother and one sister.  Her dad worked at the Ethan Allen Factory in Beecher Falls, VT, and her mom worked at the Coos County Nursing Home.  The family’s first pet was a dog named Chinco.  Mrs. Young loved reading all of the books in the Little Golden Books series as a child, and the whole family liked to watch Hee-Haw together on TV.

Mrs. Young grew up here in Pittsburg and this is where she went to school.  Her favorite subject was science.  After high school she studied nursing in Berlin.  She says that she received a wonderful education there as they have a great nursing program.  She missed being at home while she was at college though.

Here at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Young loves spending time with the students, especially when she is teaching prevention.  She wants all of the students to make informed, safe and healthy decisions.  She said, “If I can make a difference in the life of a child, then I have done my job well.” Asked why she likes working here at Pittsburg School, she responded as follows, “It’s my home away from home.  It’s a family here.  The staff and students work well together, and I am so happy to be a part of it.” In addition to teaching about injury prevention, Mrs. Young also teaches school health.  She likes to encourage safety and making good choices. She also enjoys creating fun, educational, and informational bulletin boards.

Before working at Pittsburg School, Mrs. Young worked at the Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital in Colebrook and also at the Indian Stream Health Center.  She says, “I love being a nurse and helping people in their time of need.” She’s been teaching for 16 years.

Mrs. Young doesn’t read a lot, but, when she does, she likes to read true stories.  She and her husband have two mini-dachshunds named Oliver and Ella.  Once she had some guinea pigs.

Asked who her hero is, she replied, “My sister.  She is the “wind beneath my wings”.  She is amazingly strong, smart, and talented.  I am so blessed to have her in my life.” 

Mrs. Young likes to spend time refinishing old furniture and making decorations out of antiques.  In her spare time, she also likes going to camp with her husband or going for walks. Her most memorable vacation is going to Maine with her family.  She is considering joining the Pittsburg Historical Society at some point so that she can become involved in a community organization.


·         Disney character: Winnie-the-Pooh

·         Ice cream: mint chocolate chip

·         Breed of dog: dachshunds

·         Holiday: Thanksgiving

·         Sport: football

·         NFL player: Tom Brady

·         Outside activity: walking

·         Vacation place: Maine

·         TV show: The Voice

·         Movie: Rocky IV and A Walk to Remember

·         Type of vehicle: Jeep

·         Type of music: 80’s and country

·         Dream place to visit: Ireland because her mother-in-law visited there and enjoyed it

    • Toy growing up: Barbies

Updated 1/31/2020