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Meet Mrs. Wanda McGuire

Mrs. Wanda McGuire is our first grade teacher.  She was born in West Stewartstown, NH and has an older brother and a younger sister.  Her dad worked at Beecher Falls Factory for 40 years, and her mom worked at the Coos County Nursing Home.  Her first pet as a child was a dog named King.  Her favorite childhood book was Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.  As a child, she really liked playing basketball and enjoyed watching Gilligan’s Island on TV. 

Mrs. McGuire described a funny story from her childhood.  She whipped up soap bubbles and put food coloring in them and then tried to convince her brother that it was frosting!

Mrs. McGuire went to school right here in Pittsburg where her favorite subject was math.  After graduating, she went on to study at Plymouth State University.  At college she enjoyed establishing a long-term relationship with her roommates, but she found it very hard being away from home while she was a student in college.

Mrs. McGuire wanted to become a teacher or a vet when she was a child and loved playing school and playing with animals. Asked what she likes about teaching, she said, “I love the innocence of young children.  I love to watch their excitement about learning.  I love to see the progress they make from September to June. “ She likes working here because, “Pittsburg is my home and always will be my home.  I graduated from Pittsburg School and so did my mom.  I am proud to be a Pittsburg Panther and always dreamed about coming back to teach.” Her favorite thing to teach is math because she has always loved math.  Before working here, Mrs. McGuire taught at the Colebrook School for six years.  This is her 32nd year of teaching.

In addition to teaching, Mrs. McGuire works for the town of Pittsburg in the summer as the coordinator of the summer rec program.   In her classroom, she likes to do STEM projects with her students.  Also, every year the first grade class works on gingerbread houses. “I always look forward to the creativity the students put into decorating them.”  Mrs. McGuire is a member of Delta Kappa Gamma, which is an international group for key women educators.  

Mrs. McGuire says she likes reading short informational articles but really isn’t interested in reading long books. She says her best talent is making whoopie pies.

She has two dogs: a black lab named Gracie and one named Ruby and a chocolate lab named Emma.  She also has a cat named Harley and one named Jack Jack.

Mrs. McGuire’s hero is her dad.  She says, “My dad is the rock of the family.  He is a hard worker and has always been there for me.  He would do anything for anybody and give the shirt off his back without expecting anything in return. He wakes up happy every morning and usually starts the day with a little jig and a little smirk.”

The most memorable vacation Mrs. McGuire took was when her family first got a self-contained camper and went camping on Thistle Hill.  “It was raining and Thistle Hill is on a hill. On our way up the hill, we got mired in the mud.  We spent the night in the camper in the middle of the road going up to the campground!”

In her spare time, Mrs. McGuire likes to spend time with her husband, children, and grandchildren.  She also takes walks with her dogs.


·         Disney character: Baloo the Bear from The Jungle Book

·         Ice cream: chocolate chip

·         Breed of dog: labs

·         Holiday: Thanksgiving

·         Sport: a tie between basketball and baseball/softball

·         Sports team: The Giants

·         NFL player: Tom Brady

·         Outside activity: hiking

·         Vacation place: Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine

·         TV show: The Voice

·         Movie: P.S. I love You

·         Type of vehicle: Jeep Cherokee

·         Singer: Kacey Musgraves

·         Type of music: Country

·         Dream place to visit: the Grand Canyon because it looks beautiful and she would love to hike some of the trails

Toy growing up: Barbies

Updated 1/24/2020