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Meet Ms. Tammy Cross


Tammy Cross is one of our school’s bus drivers.  Miss Tammy has driven bus for more than 25 years!  She also often works here as a substitute teacher.     She especially enjoys subbing in the kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms and in the shop class.
Miss Tammy’s favorite childhood book was  Charlotte’s Web.  She really enjoyed it because it was all about animals and problem solving.  Miss Tammy has two sisters and a brother.  As a child, she enjoyed playing Red Light Green Light.  Have you ever played that game?
Miss Tammy is a North Country girl; she graduated from Colebrook Academy.  She really enjoyed her agriculture (aggie) classes, her home economics classes, her shop classes, and her art classes in high school.  She belonged to FFA, which is the Future Farmers of America.
Miss Tammy has two pets, a cat and a horse.  Who else on our staff has a horse?  Her favorite supper is roasted asparagus, and she loves caramel sundaes, without whipped cream or nuts, for dessert.
Before driving our school bus, Miss Tammy held a lot of interesting jobs.  She has worked as a photographer for both  The News and Sentinel  and  The Colebrook Chronicle.  In addition, she has worked on the golf course and at the ski area at The Balsams in Dixville Notch; she’s been a cross country groomer, and runs her own woodworking business.  Have you ever seen any of her beautiful wood creations?
Miss Tammy enjoys cooking and drawing, but doesn’t enjoy singing.  Her favorite movie is  Dawn of the Dead  (not the remake).  Miss Tammy does a lot of woodworking in her free time.  She says that her favorite season is spring; in the winter she likes to go snowshoeing.
Asked what she likes most about working here, Miss Tammy replied, “the closeness of the small town.”