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After School Program

Pittsburg school is just beginning the fourth session of the after-school program.  There is still time to sign your child up.  The following is the schedule for this session that begins on Tuesday February 20th! 

Pittsburg School After School Program

Choice Form

Please indicate on the attached permission form which activities your child is signing up for.

Session 4

Feb 20-April 6



 Ms. Merrill


No More Winter Blues – Let’s HaveFun!!! Outdoor Games to Play in the Snow. Snow baseball, 

rope snow tug, twister, snowball strike

out, snowman hat trick, snow boot two-step, etc.




Winter-Time Inside Games!  (Human snow blower game, penguin shuffle, 

snowflakeskeep falling on my head, winter minute to win it

games, etc. )



   Mr. Daly / Mrs Bernhardt


Fun Running -  start training for a 5k !


Games and Crafts for our non-runners.





Mrs. Marsh


(from ori meaning "folding", and kami meaning "paper") is the art of paper folding, which is often associated with Japanese culture.  Learn to artfully fold a flat piece of paper into a creature of the land, air, and sea, a crafty box, or a beautiful flower.  Turn something ordinary into something extraordinary!  






 If you have any questions at all I encourage you to contact us :)

Ashley Hodge, ASP Coordinator,  246-7082 or ahodge@sau7.org

Tammy Jeralds, PSD ASP Supervisor, 538-6536 or tjeralds@psd.sau7.org