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Healthy Living Semester 2 2018


Classroom Rules:

, .

Family and Consumer Science

-Learn about living!~

All men by nature desire knowledge. - Aristotle

Be Prepared

Bring with you everyday: your notebook/binder
a pen or pencil

a positive attitude
homework or paper due


a.      All school rules apply in my classroom. If we follow the rules, we won't
need to have any detentions
. You should know school procedures.

b.      Inappropriate language and slang will not be tolerated.

c. You are expected to come to class prepared.

d. Be in your seat ready to work when class begins.

e.      Please treat all materials in this room with care. Unless you are
cooking you should not be in the kitchen area.

f. When in the kitchen you must be cautious and safe.

g.      Be a considerate and active learner. It is expected that each person in
this room will respect every othe
r person. Put downs are not allowed.

h. You are expected to act in an appropriate manner.

I. You will be dismissed when the room is in order.

J.       Late to class will be handled the same as tardy to school. .. after the
second late per quarter, a detention will be issued - be on time.

                            k If you are absent you have 2 days to make up your                     work according to
ol rule, unless other arrangements are made; if you                 are absent on
                Monday, the work is due on Wednesday by 3:15.

I.        If you are scheduled for detention or make-up session and you are
absent that day (or I am absent), plan to stay the next day.

Participation: You are expected to participate actively in this class. You will be
graded on your participation
. Each day you will be marked and grades will be
averaged at the end of each week
. If you are not in class you will not earn
participation points. You will have an opportunity to make up these points for
excused absences. You must see me within the two day time limit

Assignments: You will not receive homework every night, however it is
expected that all assignments be handed in
on the due date. If it is late you will
automatically loose ten points
. If the class work for that day depends on that
homework you will automatically get a zero on the homework.

Tests and Quizzes: You can expect to be assessed on information you are
learning in class. The assessments may be in the form of tests/quizzes or a skit
poster, or essay. You will have advance notice.

Projects and Portfo.lios:Projects will be done in class. You will be required to
do some o
f work at home. These will count as a test grade. Some may be lab-
oriented and may require the use of the library, computer and kitchen. All
projects will require
..an oral presentation. Some classes may be required 10
gather a collection of their work and submitted in a portfolio, to demonstrate the
, understanding and creativity in the class.

Grading: Your grade depends on tests, projects, portfolios, participation, labs,
and homework in the following way:

             Test! Projects/ Portfolios .............................. 40%

             Class participation ......................................... 25%

                 Labs ..............................................................  15%

             Homework ..... , ............................................ 20%

Mid-term and final exams will be given and each will count as1 O%, of your grade.

Extra Help: I am always willing to provide time for you. If you need any type of
extra help
, please ask.

Remember I am here to help you. I am looking forward to working with you. This
year can be e
xciting, interesting and fun as we learn about living.