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Mrs. Haynes

June 7, 2019


Kindergarten Newsletter

            This week we focused on the story “The House that Tony Lives In,” by Anthony Lorenz and in particular, the comprehension skill of the setting of the story.  This week we also finished writing our fairy tales and began typing them in the computer lab.  After we finished typing them, we began illustrating our stories.  Next week we will finish illustrating our fairy tales and turn them into stories that we will share with one another. 

            This week we also finished our unit in mathematics dealing with addition and subtraction.  By now, your child should be able to add 1 to numbers 0 through 9, add 2 to numbers 0 through 8, add doubles, and become familiar with the addition facts through 10.  They should also be able to subtract 1 from numbers 1 through 10, 2 from numbers 2-10, become familiar with subtraction facts through 10, and understand whether to add or subtract to solve a problem.  To be able to complete these goals, your child will have to have a good grasp on their numbers through 10 and be able to compose and decompose their numbers into their parts (i.e. 10 is made up of 2 and 8, 7 and 3, 4 and 6…). 

            Our science topic for this week was energy.  We discussed how matter and energy interact.  We also discussed how heat can be produced in different ways and that all living things need energy that comes from food. 

            Our social studies topic for this week was money.  We discussed the basic concepts of spending and saving money.  We also discussed how U.S. currency comes in different forms.


Field Day/Kindergarten Graduation

            Since field day is the same day as kindergarten graduation, I’m asking that you please send in a change of clothes for graduation.  I will have the students change into their “dress up” clothes after our picnic lunch.  Thank you! 



            IXL is an online math program that Pittsburg School purchased for their students.  I have attached your child’s username and password so that they may be able to use it throughout the summer.  Your child may choose to work at the kindergarten level or challenge themselves with a little first grade work. 


Upcoming Dates                      

            Saturday June 8th- Senior Graduation 10:00

            *Monday June 10th- Wellness Day! 

            *Wednesday June 12th- Field Trip (River Walk, Ice Cream and Bowling)

            *Thursday June 13th- Field Day in the morning

Kindergarten Graduation at 1:00 (Kindergarten Classroom)

            Friday June 14th- No School for Kindergarten Graduates!  Have a super summer, see you

                        in the fall! 

*Please send in bug spray and suntan lotion with your child on these days as most of the day we plan to be outside.  Comfortable sneakers and clothing are also a must.    


Have a great weekend, see you on Monday!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Mrs. Haynes