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Mrs. Haynes

March 21, 2019


Kindergarten Newsletter

                This week we focused on the story, “Max Takes the Train,” by Rosemary Wells and in particular, the comprehension skill of realism and fantasy.  Our letter of the week this week was U and over the course of this week, we practiced the proper way to make an uppercase and lowercase U, as well as the sounds that the letter U makes.  Next week our letter of the week will be the letter V and we will continue working on all of our word wall words so far. 

                This week we continued our unit in mathematics dealing with measurement.  By the end of this unit, your child should be able to compare the lengths of two objects, order three objects according to length, and measure length in nonstandard units (such as paperclips, cubes, dominoes, etc.)  They should also be able to compare the weights of two objects, identify which of three objects is heaviest and lightest to order them be their weight, and understand the use of a balance scale.  We will continue working on this unit next week.    

                Our science topic for this week was being healthy.  We discussed how exercise, eating healthy food and having good hygiene is important for all people.  We also discussed how people like doctors and nurses help us when we are sick.  Our science topic for next week will be families.  We will discuss how children are very similar to their parents but not exactly like them.  We will also discuss how plants and animals depend on each other to survive.     

                Our social studies topic for this week was which way.  We discussed our cardinal directions (North, East, South and West) as well as identified basic bodies of water near the United States and other places on Earth.  Our social studies topic for next week will be holidays.  We will discuss some ways people of different cultures and countries celebrate holidays.      


Word Wall Words

                I                              am                          the                          a                              to                            red

                blue                        have                       is                             purple                     yellow                    green

                we                           my                          like                          at                            as                            orange

                he                            for                           white                      in                             it                              brown

                me                          with                        this                          by                           pink                        an          

                can                         black                      and                         did                          gray                        see

                look                        one                         zero                        all                            they                        you        

                of                            two                         or                            on                           three                       that

                do                           are                          four                        five                         six                           seven

                not                          go                            here                        from                       eight                       has

                had                         no                           will                          so                            be                            his

                her                          what                       was                         said                         *nine                      *ten

                                                                         (*will be introduced next week)       


Amazing Words (vocab. Words that we will be discussing that relate to our reading story)

                Mechanic- someone who works with machines

                Sailor- a person who sails on the ocean

                Shimmering- sparkles

                Pilot- a person who flies a helicopter

                Rescue- to help people out of danger

                Yacht- a large boat


Upcoming Dates                                 

                Thursday March 21st- Early Release 12:00 Dismissal

Friday March 22nd- No School- Administrative Day

                Friday April 5th- Grades Close for Quarter 3

                Friday April 12th- Report cards will be sent home

                Monday April 22nd-Friday April 26th- No School- April Vacation


Have a weekend, see you on Monday!                                                                                         

Mrs. Haynes