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Mrs. Haynes

January 16, 2020


Kindergarten Newsletter

Text Box:

Big Idea: Where will our adventures take us?

Question of the week: What can we learn from our adventures?

Book: “Rooster’s Off to See the World” by Eric Carle

Genre: Animal Fantasy

Comprehension Skill: Sequence Events

Amazing Words:

            Homesick- to miss being home

            Horizon- the place where the sky and land seem to meet

            Lonely- feeling lonely

            World- our planet, Earth

            Journey- to travel somewhere

            Trip- leave home and go someplace else

Sight Words- are, that, do, or & on

Phonics- /h/ Spelled Hh

Phonemic Awareness- Initial /h/



More Addition and Subtraction

            Students will continue to learn about addition and subtraction.  They will learn to compose, or put two numbers together, to make numbers through 10.  They will also solve word problems and write addition and subtraction equations. 




            Students will understand that many different kinds of plants live in different environments on Earth.  They will recognize similarities and differences in plants.   


Social Studies


            Students will learn about different types of weather and some effects it has on people and the environment. 


Upcoming Dates

TOMORROW, Friday January 17th- No School- Administrative Day

Monday January 20th- No School- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Friday January 24th- Report Cards go Home

Wednesday February 6th- Early Release K-12, 12:00 Dismissal

Thursday February 13th- Valentine’s Day Party Pre-K&K

Monday February 24th- Friday February 28th- No School- February Vacation


Have a great long weekend!  See you on Tuesday!                                                  

Mrs. Haynes