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Mrs. Haynes

September 20, 2019


Kindergarten Newsletter



Big Idea: How do we live, work and play together?

Question of the week:  What do you like to do with your friends?

Book: “Smash! Crash!” by Jon Scieszka

Genre:  Fantasy

Comprehension Skill:  Character

Amazing Words:

            Signals- to make a gesture, action, or sound that draws attention

            Proper- right or correct

            Perfect- being the best it can be

            Dud- something that doesn’t work properly or doesn’t do what it was meant to do

            Pirates- people who rob ships at sea

            Fabulous- something that is wonderful or really good

Sight Words- to & a

Phonics- /m/ Spelled Mm

Phonemic Awareness- Initial and Final /m/                



Numbers 0 to 5

            Students will count up to 5 objects in various arrangements, tell how many, and write the numeral. 



Time for Science

            Students will learn that everyone can do science and that working with others can be helpful.  They will understand that scientists can learn by observing and investigating. 


Social Studies


            Students will understand the necessity of rules and the consequences for breaking them.  They will identify authority figures at home and school, and discuss the actions of good citizens. 


Upcoming Dates

Tuesday September 24th- First Day of Pre-K

Thursday September 26th- Open House- Spaghetti Dinner 5-6, Classrooms 6-7 and Book Fair Family Night 5-7:30

Friday October 4th- Progress Reports go home

Tuesday October 8th- School Picture Day

Thursday October 10th- Early Release 12:00 Dismissal

Friday October 11th- No School, Administrative Day


Have a great weekend!  See you on Monday!


Mrs. Haynes