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Mrs. Haynes

June 8, 2017


Kindergarten Newsletter

            This week we typed our fairytales in the computer lab.  Next week we will illustrate our fairytales and turn them into stories that we will share with one another.  This week we also continued our unit in mathematics dealing with addition and subtraction.  By now, your child should be able to add 1 to numbers 0 through 9, add 2 to numbers 0 through 8, add doubles, and become familiar with the addition facts through 10.  They should also be able to subtract 1 from numbers 1 through 10, 2 from numbers 2-10, become familiar with subtraction facts through 10, and understand whether to add or subtract to solve a problem.  To be able to complete these goals, your child will have to have a good grasp on their numbers through 10 and be able to compose and decompose their numbers into their parts (i.e. 10 is made up of 2 and 8, 7 and 3, 4 and 6, etc.).  We will finish this unit next week.


Word Wall Words

            I                       am                   the                   a                      to                     red

            blue                have                is                     purple             yellow              green

            we                   my                   like                 at                     as                    orange

            he                    for                   white              in                     it                      brown

            by                    pink                me                   with                this                  an

            can                  black              and                  did                  gray                see                              

            look                one                  zero                all                    or                    on                                

            three               that                 do                    are                   four                 five

            six                   seven             not                  eight               has                  had

            go                    here                from                no                    will                 so

            be                    his                   her                  what                was                 said

            nine                ten                   where             come               they                   


Last Sight Word Test (Wednesday June 13th)

            -by                  -am                 -pink              -white             -not

            -her                -all                  -no                  -will                -has


Upcoming Dates

            Today- Field trip to Fourth Connecticut Lake

            Thursday June 14th- Field Day (please make sure your child has their sneakers)

                        and Kindergarten Graduation at 6:30

            Friday June 15th- No School (for Kindergarten Graduates)


Have a great summer vacation!

Mrs. Haynes