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Mrs. McGuire

1st grade

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Wild About Learning

Week of September 9th - 13th

Grammar – Nouns for places

Phonics – c/k/, p, and n

Reading – Selection:  Snap!

Vocabulary – Amazing Words:  adult, depend, gallery, scurry, childhood, portrait, entertain

Read Alouds:  Surprise!

                         Lazy Day

                         Math – Understanding Addition and Subtraction –What are ways to think about addition and subtraction?

Handwriting – Learning the correct formation of letters

                          Handwriting practice with the letters Cc, Pp, and Nn

Writing – The students will practice writing complete sentences.  These sentences will need to start with an uppercase letter and end with an ending mark.  They will have to write sentences that relate to a picture they draw.  They will write a minimum of 2 sentences.

Science  Topic: The students will learn about some common science tools and discuss scientific investigations.

Social Studies Topic: The students will learn about the American Flag, Pledge of Allegiance and the meaning of Patriots Day.

Upcoming Events

Scholastic Book Fair:  Sept. 23rd – Sept. 27th

Family Night will be on Thursday, Sept. 26th in conjunction with Open House.

Open House – Sept. 26th – 5:00pm

School Pictures – Oct. 8th

Spelling Words

six                   like

seven                        the


Homework:  Study spelling words for test on Friday

 Have a wonderful weekend!