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Mrs. McGuire





First Grade Safari News – Week of November November 11th – November 15th

Grammar – Interrogative sentences

Reading Selection:  Get The Egg

Amazing Words:  habitat, survive, croak, hatch, chirp, moist

Read Alouds:  The Pecking Hen

                         Jungle Drum

Phonics – Short e

                  Initial consonant blends


Math – Fluency with number facts

              Math vocabulary review

             Topic 2 assessment

             Topic 2 Performance Task

Handwriting – The students will be working in a new handwriting book.  This will be extra practice for proper formation of each of the letters.


Writing – The students will be writing a realistic story


Social Studies Weekly:  Fact or Fiction:  The students will distinguish between fact and fiction and recognize the difference between real people and fictional characters.

 Science Spin:  The students will find out how kinkajous meet their needs and survive  at night.  They will classify animals as diurnal or nocturnal.


Eye experiment – The students will observe and record how eyes change in bright and low light. 

Spelling Words

men                net               Bonus Words

ten                 sled           saw and your

jet                   step

bed                leg

red                 wet


Homework:  Study spelling words for test on Friday


Fall Athletic Awards - Tuesday, November 12th  5:30 - 7:30

Thanksgiving Hot Lunch Dinner - Thursday, November 14th - Join your students for a delicious hot lunch.  "Reservations requested"