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Ms. Merrill

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Merrill Ranch Newsletter

 Week of January 14th – 18th

Math  (Review)

Skip Counting by 2’s

Addition and subtraction practice using a number line

Solving story problems using different strategies (pictures, number sentences, charts, etc.)

Mad Minute tests (addition facts with sums to 10)



Unit 2 Topic:  Communities

This Week’s Story:  The Big Circle

Question of the week – How do animal communities work together to survive?

Comprehension Skill:  Sequence

Reviewing sight words for spelling test (down, inside, now, there, together)

Spelling Words (home, woke, hose, stone, hope, those, joke, rose, bone, rode)

Reviewing amazing words and their meanings for a test on Friday

(enemy, protect, holler, bluff, extinct, crater, swamp,  boisterous)

(Reading (“10 important sentences”) fluently for a test on Friday

Grammar:  Proper Nouns – The names of particular people, places, animals, and things are called proper nouns

Writing - Poetry

Author Study –   Helen Lester – Tacky the Penguin books

Science  Topic:

Science Studies Weekly – Be Healthy – The students will learn that exercise helps us stay healthy.  They will learn about foods that we should eat often and foods that we should eat only occasionally.  They will also understand that doctors, nurses and medicines help us when we are sick.

Health Studies Weekly Topic:  Your Body – The students will learn about the major systems of the body and how these systems work together to keep us healthy.  They will discuss some effects of systems that are not working properly.

Social Studies

Social Studies Weekly Topic:  I am Responsible – The students will describe the characteristics of responsible citizenship.  They will explain how decisions can be made and conflicts can be resolved in fair ways.

Scholastic News Topic:  My Grandfather Was a Hero – The children will analyze how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. created positive change in our country and apply that knowledge to discuss and practice kindness.


Study for Amazing Word Test - Test on Thursday

Study for High Frequency Word Spelling Test – Test on Thursday

Study 10 Important Sentences for Fluency Test – Test on Thursday


No School – Jan. 18th – Administrative Day

No School – Jan 21st – Civil Rights Day

Report cards distributed – January 25th