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Ms. Merrill

Merrill Ranch Newsletter

 Week of November 5th – 9th


Math Studies Weekly Topic:  Week 14 (kindergarten) Measure It! – The students will begin to develop measurement skills by comparing and ordering measurable attributes of objects indirectly.

Word Problems


Reviewing sight words for spelling test (blue, help, from, get, little, use)

Reviewing amazing words and their meanings for a test on Friday

(past, present, produce, enormous, danger, snuggle, powerful,  transportation, serve)

Reading (“10 important sentences”) fluently for a test on Friday

Reading this week’s story – The Blue Ox

Read Aloud Anthology – Paul Bunyan and Babe

Decodable Readers – The Box, Pigs, Wigs, Cats, Bats, and On The Rocks

Question of the week:  How do animals help people?

Grammar:  Predicates in sentences

Writing:  Short Poems

Phonics:  Plural –s

                  Short o sound


Social Studies

Scholastic News Topic:  Who Are Veterans? – The students will identify who veterans are and what they do, as well as write letters to thank them for their service.

Social Studies Weekly Topic:  Fact or Fiction – The students will distinguish between fact and fiction and recognize the difference between real people and fictional characters.

Science Topic:  The Sun – The students will learn that the sun provides light and heat for the Earth.  They will explore how the rotation of the Earth is responsible for sunrise and sunset.  They will learn how the sun causes shadows on the Earth.


Study for Amazing Word Test  - Test on Friday

Study for High Frequency Word Spelling Test – Test on Friday

Study 10 Important Sentences for Fluency Test – Test on Friday


Report Cards Distributed Friday, November 9th

Pittsburg Education Craft Fair Saturday, November 10th

No School – Monday, November 12th – Veteran’s Day

Addam’s Family Play – Friday and Saturday – November 16th and November 17th (7:00) Location – Pittsburg School

Thanksgiving Break – Wednesday – Friday - November 21st – November 23rd

Poinsettia Sale: Students will be selling poinsettias in order to raise money for the cultural enrichment program.  Sales end on Nov. 15.

DC Trip Scratch Ticket Wreath Sale  - November 1st – December 19th, 2018