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Ms. Merrill


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T.O.P. D.O.G.S.  Newsletter

(Thoughtful, Optimistic, Persevering, Determined, Outstanding, Growing Students)

Week of December 4th – December 8th


Math Studies Weekly Topic:   Skip Counting by 2’s

Problem solving

Review of telling time and money


Story – Pig in a Wig (Unit 1.2)

High Frequency Words – she, take, up, what

Genre and Comprehension – Realism and Fantasy and Summarizing

Phonics Skills – short i and final x

Grammar – Naming parts of sentences

Spelling Words – in, it, did, sit, six, fix, lip, mix, pin, wig

Amazing Words – career, tool, sloppy, comfort, service, scrub, exercise, and search

Career – occupation or profession

Tool – something that helps people do work

Sloppy – wet or messy

Comfort – is someone or something that makes you feel better

Service – work done to help others

Search – to look for something carefully

Scrub – rub something hard to clean it

Exercise – to move your body to keep it in shape

Read Alouds: Fairy Tales

Social Studies:

Social Studies Weekly Topic – Fact or Fiction – The students will distinguish between fact and fiction and recognize the difference between real people and fictional characters.


Health Studies Weekly – Unit 1 (What is Health?) – The students will recognize that there are many dimensions of health and understand how behaviors impact health.  We will be discussing ways to prevent common childhood injuries and contagious diseases.

Science Studies Weekly Topic – The Sun -  the students will learn that the sun provides light and heat for the Earth.  They will explore how the rotation of the Earth is responsible for sunrise and sunset.  They will learn how the sun causes shadows on the Earth.



Amazing Word Test and Spelling/High Frequency Word test – Friday, December 8th

Gingerbread Houses

Items for the gingerbread houses are due:  December 8th

Amy-lou – 1 2lb. pound bag of Domino Conf. sugar

Conner – 1 big bag of plain M & M’s

Isabella – 1 box of Nabisco Graham crackers

Charla – 2 boxes of the non-pareil snow-cap candies (Dollar Store)

Raygen – 2 bags of the green tree shaped gumdrop candies

Hannah -  1 box of miniature candy canes and another type of candy (Dollar Store)

Christmas Gift Exchange

The first and second grade class will be joining together in the gift exchange this year.  We will be playing a “fun” dice game which means we need the gifts to not be gender specific. Please do not spend more than $5.00.  If your child is unable to bring in a gift, please send in a note.  We want to be sure that each child receives a gift.


Music Theatre Performance – Friday, Dec. 1st and Saturday, Dec. 2nd (7:00)


Early Release

Wednesday, December 6  12:00pm


Christmas Concert

Wednesday, December 20th  6:00