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Parent Notifications/Updates

All fourth grade students have received an IXL user name and password.  Please be sure to check with them to see what this is. They have a paper copy of the user name and password to use as they need, but it is encouraged they take time to memorize this for future use.  We currently are working on the IXL program each Friday morning in the computer lab.  If you are able, please log on at home and allow your child to practice when time permits. 
IXL is an excellent resource for our students and I encourage you to check it out.  Students will be using their IXL accounts during school to sharpen and practice skills, but the program is designed for you to access it from home as well.  Check it out! using the following link.

Currently we have a Tab War going....sponsored by the NHS/NJHS
Proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization.
The class who brings in the most tabs will win an extra recess!!
All tabs will be collected on November 19,2019
Grades K-2 will be competing against each other and Grades 3/4+5/6 will be competing against each other .