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Testing Prep. ? What can you do?

Smarter Balance Testing and district wide STAR testing are coming soon. The following is a list of things you can do to help prepare.

1. Get plenty of rest. Going to bed 15 to 20 minutes earlier can make a world of difference.
2. Get up with plenty of time to eat a good healthy breakfast.  We have some long mornings ahead of us and the last thing we need is someone with a growling tummy!  Being hungry can be very distracting and can slow your thinking down.
3.  Be Hydrated- plenty of water is the best.  Avoid sugary drinks and soda during the week.  Sports drinks may sound great, but they often have a huge amount of sugar that can cause our bodies to crash after an energy boost. Water really is the best for hydration.
4.  Pack healthy snacks.  It would be great to see some fruit and vegetables when possible! 
5.  Brush up on some basic skills such as math facts and language terms. 
6.  Be in school on testing days! Unless it is an absolute emergency or you are really ill, you should be in school so that the testing coordinators do not need to do make up sessions. This is very much appreciated for the scheduling for testing is difficult enough as is. 
7.  Come in with the best positive attitude as you can.  Testing is important and is a time for you to show what you know!  Do your Best!