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3rd-6th Grade P.E.

Elementary 3rd-6th grade

Physical Education Policy


Grading Criteria:


Effort and Attitude-75% will be graded by teacher observation and self-assessment rubric


Quizzes, Projects and Performances (gymnastics show)-25%


Students are expected to come prepared for and participate in every Physical Education class!!!



Excuse Procedure:


                Any student who needs to be excused from Physical Education class due to injury or illness must have a note from their parent/guardian or the school nurse.  Should a student’s injury or illness causes him/her to miss one week of classes, then a written note from the doctor is required.  Please make every effort to get a note from the attending doctor explaining the nature of the injury/illness, defining activities which will be off limits, and the amount of time out needed from class.



Dress Requirements:


1) Students must dress to meet all requirements of the school code.


2) Students must wear socks in their sneakers.  Sneakers must be worn and they can’t mark, have heels or have elevation and laces must be tied.


3) Students in the fifth and six grade must follow the Middle and High School dress requirements.


Damaged Equipment:


            If there is any misuse or destruction of equipment the student/parent are responsible to pay for the equipment!!


Format of Class:


          *Students will come in & circle time



            *Teach Skills & activities

            *Closing discussion (circle time)





            Students must always warm-up before they stretch.  When we warm-up we deliver oxygen to the working muscles, increase heart-rate, blood flow, body and muscle temperature, and elongate muscle fibers.  Once the body begins to perspire, we are ready to stretch.  There are many activities, which can be used to get the students warmed up.



Benefits of Stretching:


                Stretching is the only way to improve flexibility. Stretching can decrease the possibilities of injury, increase self-awareness, and enhance athletic performance.  Providing students with a structural stretching routine is key to improving flexibility and preparing students for physical activity.





          ~Fitness               ~Scooter Games       ~Parachute Games

          ~Soccer              ~Flag Football          ~Basketball

          ~Volleyball        ~Wiffle Ball             ~Tumbling & Balance

          ~Frisbee             ~Cup Stacking            ~Fun Games & More



Elementary 3rd-6th grade

Physical Education Policy



I ___________________ , have completely read the preceding policy and agree to the requirements in the Elementary Physical Education class here at Pittsburg School. 



Student: ______________________        Date: ______________



Parent/Guardian: ____________________     Date: ___________


If there are any questions regarding the attached physical education policy please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.





Emily M. Bernhardt