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7th and 8th Grade

Course Description: 

7th and 8th-grade science will be a combined class that meets 45 minutes each day for the entire school year. Students will be exposed to topics in all branches of science including life science, chemistry, physics, and earth and space sciences. One of the main focuses during the year will be on building skills necessary to problem solve and research as scientists. Since 7th and 8th grade will be combined for this topics will rotate every two years.

2016-2017 Planned Topics will include:

  • Chemistry - matter, properties, and states of matter, chemical reactions

  • Motion and Stability - speed and acceleration, Newton’s Laws

  • Mechanical Energy - Gravitational and potential energy, energy conversions

  • Field Forces - Magnetism and Electricity

  • Life Science (Trout Project) - reproductive strategies, resource availability, biodiversity, heredity

  • Waves - light and sound

  • Individualised Research Projects

Grading Policy:

For each quarter all graded material will be weighted by category.

70% Assessments - Unit projects, lab reports, tests, quizzes, and other large or long term assignments meant to measure your knowledge, understanding, and skills.

30% Learning Activities - Homework, classwork, participation in class activities and discussions, and any other short activities designed to help you learn a concept.

Late Work Policy:

Students will be notified in advance of due dates for projects, writing assignments, and homework. In addition, every attempt will be made to have the assignments posted to the website calendar as frequently as possible. Work is expected to be completed and ready to turn in at the start of class unless. This includes being printed out for work completed on the computer. If serious situations prevent work from being completed on time you should speak with me before the day the assignment is due to discuss and extension or modification. If a student is absent work due on the day of the absence should be turned in on the day the student returns to school.

Classroom Expectations:

  • Follow all school wide expectations.

  • Listen and cooperate with the teacher and your peers.

  • Conduct yourself in a safe manner

  • Try your best on all assignments.

  • Be responsible for yourself.

  • Be respectful to yourself, others, and property.

Announcements and Reminders:

The 7th and 8th grades are beginning the year with a chemistry unit. By the end of the unit students should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is matter and how can it be described?
  • How does changing temperatures affect matter
  • How is density measured and how does it affect the interactions between materials?
  • How do the properties of water affect its behavior? 
  • What are chemical changes and how do we know they have occurred? 

7th and 8th Grade Science