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Physical Science

Physical Science covers a variety of topics including the chemistry of atoms and elements, chemical reaction, motion and forces, processes of the Earth, waves, and magnetism and electrical forces. 

This year we will have the unique opportunity to explore many of these topics while working with the physical education class to explore orienteering, archery, and water sports. 

Grading Policy:

Following school policy this class will have a midterm and a final exam (or project), each counts as 10% of the final average for the class. 

For each quarter grades will be calculated on a simple weighted basis. 
  • 70% Assessments - Projects, tests, quizzes, reports, other large assignments.
  • 30% Learning Experiences - Homework, in-class assignments, journals, short writing prompts, and many other types small assignments. 

Class Announcements and Assignments:

Physical Science Fall 2016