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Hello Everyone, 

    The time for Pre- Calculus to start will soon be here. For this class, I highly recommend that you have your own TI-83 (or above) calculator. We will be doing more with trigonometric functions and these are the best equipped for this. I also have higher expectations for you, you are now juniors.

Here is the place that you can always find what your homework is and when it is due. I also will put up information about any project that we do here so that you can check it when you have the chance. 

This semester we are going to cover;
    •  Review(linear equations)
    • Systems of equations
    •  Exponential Functions
    •  Logarithmic Functions
    • Trigonometry
    •  Rational Functions
    •  Sequences and Series
    •  Probability*
    •  Matrices*


Aug 23, 2016, 5:10 AM