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Music News

Ms. Sharon Pearson                    spearson@psd.sau7.org 
as of  May 11, 2020

SPRING?  Well, maybe... it IS trying like the rest of us to grow, green up, and find ways to refresh!  

The end of the school year is in sight.   Normally, we'd be singing in the classroom --a lot!-- and getting fine-tuned for the spring concert.   However, I sincerely hope that my students and their families have been sharing a lot of music together, and in ways that they might not have otherwise.  So, instead of singing together on stage FOR you, I've compiled a set of lyrics for students to sing WITH you at home!  Check out the "Commun-Unity" song sheets, and the music prompts on my YouTube list.  

For this month, music lessons are connected with just that: SHARING music.  Even the earth is sharing it! We just have to listen. 
Making our own music is impossible without really listening to what is around and inside us.  

The start of this term was really hard to figure out how to "teach" music to each of my classes, and overwhelming for all of us.  
It's been an exhausting experience for all instructors; researching resources, exploring new technologies and how to use them, and even learning to let go of our traditional priorities and approaches.    We'll catch up on music skills later; for now, the listening & emotional experiences are more important.  

Dear families, I hope that you found that my lessons became more family-friendly as opportunities for siblings to do together, and more supportive for you as their at-home guides.  I think I've learned more than I've taught.  I hope that you and your students have enjoyed ANY music together --  I'll look forward to hearing what you shared, and what worked for you.   

As always, please feel welcome to keep e-mailing me any questions or concerns.   
* * *
Keep a song in your soul, and hope in your heart! 
*Ms. P

What do we do with the music folders, recorders, and other materials?  
Please separate everything "music"  from other items turned in to classroom teachers.   
Paper folios: please return with journals, logs, and other materials. 
Recorders should be washed in hot soapy water, or top-rack dishwasher; and should be returned in a plastic bag.  
Cinch-sack bags are also to be returned.  
Guitars, tuners, stands: by arrangement with Ms. P; depends if school-owned or hers.

What about grades?    Music is anticipated to be marked as usual; unless other communications or arrangements have been made.
Grades K-2:  Parents are encouraged to simply communicate, submit pictures or pursue those lessons as able.  
Grades 3-8:  Marks are based primarily on effort to respond and participate.  Specific demonstration skills are not included.   Assignments may be submitted on paper, via email, or via classroom (grades 5-8).
Please email me with any concerns.  

"Of Thee We Sing"  -- Songs for "Common-Unity" 
During times of national crisis, music can bring people together across many generations, ethnicities, beliefs, and other differences.  It's an honor to introduce and share songs from "our nation's repertoire" to our students.       

From "This Land is Your Land" to the "Star Spangled Banner," and "Amazing Grace,"  singing whatever gives us strength, freedom, and courage together is valuable.    Sing out loud, proud, strong, and even off-key... just SING!  The lyrics are provided on the next page, and in the packets sent home on May 4.  Suggested sing-along videos are on our YouTube library.