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Ms. Sharon Pearson         spearson@psd.sau7.org                
Spring 2020
Under REconstruction!    Check back often - or email me anytime!

Remote Learning Music... from no-tech to now!
From totally interactive classes without homework or much in writing, to what feels very one-directional... we're all on a learning curve together.   Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or ideas!  

*Lesson Plans:  These may have seemed confusing or overwhelming in the first packets... but don't worry!   Some materials were provided just because there was a chance.  Instructions are coming.   I'll try to also post copies of Lesson Plans, materials, and other links here.  If you need something emailed, let me know.   

*The APRIL Lessons for grades K-4 are multi-grade; and offered so that families & siblings can do them all together.   Plans may include additional steps for students who are ready & able.    There won't be much "paperwork" to return -- pictures of creations are most welcome!   

*Google Classroom:   Grades 5 & 6 and 7&8 each have a page where assignments, assessments, and communication will take place.   We're all learning to use the programs and technologies differently, which will take some time.   YouTube and this webpage will be additional resources.  

*Recorders:  Grades 2, 3, & 4  received Recorders... on schedule for the classroom, just a bit early for at home. 
The first step until the video lessons are posted is to play the "Rooster, Rabbit" relays & tongue-twisters page.   Watch for a link to a new page added to this one.  

*A YouTube library:  search for <Pittsburg Ms. Pearson Music>  for a mix of K-8 resources for upcoming lessons, known class interests, and other songs to share at home.   The list will grow; but it's all public, and open to all to explore and enjoy. 

*Instruments  Guitar, Ukulele, piano, clarinet.... are are on hold, but just for now as we all settle in to our remote technologies & routines.   Google Classrooms are being set up for resources & communication, and ZOOM will be used for interactive lessons.   

"Of Thee We Sing"

During times of national crisis, music can bring people together across many generations, ethnicities, beliefs, and other differences.  It will be an honor to introduce and encourage more songs from "our nation's repertoire" to our students.       From "This Land is Your Land" to the "Star Spangled Banner," and "Amazing Grace,"  singing whatever gives us strength, freedom, and courage together is valuable.    Sing out loud, proud, strong, and even off-key... just SING!    

Composers of the Month:  These guys are quarantined for now, too. 

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*Stay tuned !*