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Principal's Page (Important Updates)


Dear Parents/Guardians:

This is a reminder that we have safeguards in place that we are following for symptoms of COVID 19, should there be a positive Covid-19 test result, families will be notified.  As you know, some symptoms mimic COVID 19 symptoms, and students who have symptoms are being sent home and are being asked to be tested.


Principal Sherry

Good afternoon Parents and Guardians, September 8th, 2020

It was wonderful to have students back in the building today. It was the first time since March 13th, 2020. The entire building seemed so much more vibrant and welcoming with the students and staff back together. Overall, the first day went fairly well. The kids were great about wearing their masks and maintaining social distancing while we worked to get everyone into the building this morning. I would like to say thanks to all our students and staff for all the patience shown as we work to tweak busing, schedules, and screenings.
Dr. Taylor, our new superintendent made a visit to all the classrooms this afternoon. She introduced herself and welcomed all the students back. In addition to her visit, the Superintendent would like me to share a date that she has reserved. She is hosting a Zoom meeting on September 17th, 2020 at 4:30 PM (please be sure to check back in the event the time or date changes). The Nurse Coordinator of SAU 7, Devon Phillips, and Superintendent Taylor will provide updates on COVID -19 and share how things are going at this scheduled meeting. The zoom link information is posted below.
In closing, I would like to thank all of our students and families, once again, for your patience as we work together during these exceptional times. Have a good night.

Mrs. Sherry

Here is the link to the meeting on September 17th at 4:30 PM
Debra Taylor is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 856 9122 5042
Passcode: 277324

One tap mobile

+16468769923,,85691225042# US (New York)

Dial by your location
+1 646 876 9923 US (New York)

Meeting ID: 856 9122 5042

Student Handbook 2020-2021


Good evening Everyone,    

  Please see the very important link below. This link is for the daily student health screening that is required prior to students getting on the bus or entering school. The screening will need to be completed for each child in your home prior to the child leaving the home to come to school. If the link does not work, please copy the link and paste it into a new tab. Thanks for your cooperation and assistance in our efforts to keep everyone safe.

Mrs. Sherry



August 28th,2020

Good afternoon Everyone,
Please see the following link with important welcome back procedural information. See you soon!
Mrs. Sherry
Link to letter.

Good afternoon Everyone,
Please see the following letter from Dr. Taylor. Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you soon!

Mrs. Sherry

Link to Dr. Taylor's Letter:

August 5th, 2020
Good afternoon Everyone,
I hope this post finds our students, parents, and community members doing well. Please see the following reopening letter from Superintendent Dr. Taylor. Also, please remember to take the survey that is embedded towards the bottom of her letter. Thanks.


Mrs. Sherry

Dr. Taylor's Letter


Good morning Everyone,

     Please take a moment to read the important letter from Superintendent, Dr. Taylor. Dr. Also, please see the link to the SAU 7 reopening of schools link. Thanks for your time and have a good summer. 

Mrs. Sherry

Link to reopening of schools website:

Letter from Superintendent, Dr. Taylor:

School Administrative Unit No. 7 21 Academy Street, Colebrook, New Hampshire 03576 603 / 237-5571 • 603 / 237-4961 • Fax: 603 / 237-5126 

Dr. Debra Taylor Superintendent of Schools dtaylor@sau7.org 

July 15, 2020 

Dear School Staff and Families: 

On behalf of SAU # 7 and our member school districts, I hope you are off to a magnificent start to your summer. I am pleased to introduce myself as your new SAU # 7 Superintendent! I am honored to serve the schools and communities of Clarksville, Colebrook, Columbia, Pittsburg and Stewartstown. I have served as Superintendent for 12 years in nearby Vermont and am delighted to be working with the school board and our dedicated school community. 

We want to update all on the work being done to plan for school reopening this fall. 

First, our staff thanks our family partners for helping our students navigate this unprecedented event in recent memory. Likewise, I wish to thank all district employees for the great effort necessary to serve our families during the last four months. Finally, great credit goes to our students who completed a successful year through a true team effort. 

We understand what a challenge this was for our whole school community. And yet, the task is not complete. As we see in the news, conditions worldwide require a flexible approach to learning for the school year 2020-2021. Given our accomplishments last spring, we are confident that we can provide the model to meet the need. 

In the last school year, our staff and school community came together to support our students in remote learning after school districts around the state and the nation closed down in March. As we move into the 2020-21 school year, we are engaging in planning and preparation for the upcoming school year. 

Our leadership team is overseeing our fall school reopening planning. We have begun to review research and planning tools from a large variety of sources; in-state, nationally, and abroad. Five workgroups addressing detailed aspects of school planning have convened. These workgroups include teachers, support personnel, district and school administrators, and our nursing staff. Our initial goal is to inform our practices to respond well to the various circumstances that we might see this fall. 

We could face three types of settings, depending on the state’s progress through the summer: that all students will be in our buildings; that all students might have to learn remotely again; or some hybrid form of those two extremes. 

Thus, we considered those settings applied to broad categories of school functions. To ensure our plan is thorough and reflective of our school context, a variety of stakeholders from our school community came together in early July to form five work groups. Each will represent a different function in our schools: 1) Facilities and Health, 2) Finance, Policy and Communication, 3) Logistics, 4) Social Emotional Learning, 5) Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. 

Mission Statement To prepare all SAU #7 students for success in whatever path they choose. 

CLARKSVILLE – COLEBROOK – COLUMBIA – PITTSBURG - STEWARTSTOWN Equal Opportunity Employer – Equal Education Opportunities 

There is also an oversight committee that includes representatives from these work groups to coordinate the efforts of all teams. The goal of this work will be to consider a variety of scenarios and to develop recommendations for how to best educate our children in the fall. 

Recent guidance from Governor Sununu, the Department of Education and the Department of Health advise our process. That most recent document is on the DOE’s website, (https://tinyurl.com/NH-DOE- Covid-19). 

As we prepare for school to resume in the fall, we will continue to prioritize the safety of our children, staff and families, consider what the data is telling us, listen to experts, and follow guidelines. New Hampshire communities like ours will develop their own flexible plans for the opening of schools. In order to provide our students with access to career and technical education programs, we will continue our regional collaboration with area school districts. 

While there are questions right now, about what school will look like in the fall, we are working diligently to develop our dynamic plan. We encourage our families to be alert for updates accessed through our website (http://www.sau7.org). 

Please rest assured that we are moving forward in planning. As specifics become finalized with the help of state guidance, we will communicate all to our families. 

I have great faith that our school community will come together and do what is best for our children as we plan and collaborate to create a successful learning year for our students. 

Thanks to all, and please enjoy a healthy summer! 


Debra Taylor, Ph.D. Superintendent 


Good afternoon Everyone,

    Please see the following end of year updates from Superintendent Beasley.

Good afternoon Everyone,
I hope that this email finds everyone doing well. Please see the end letter from Superintendent Beasley and the admin team that provides information for the remainder of the school year. Thanks for your time and keep safe.

April 23, 2020
Dear SAU 7 Staff and Families,
As we put those remote vacation plans on hold and prepare for the final stretch of remote learning with our students, I want to take some time to update you on the end of year learning plan. This plan has been developed with input from administrators, staff, and school boards. The following plan is built with May 29 being the final day of school for most students.

April Vacation

Staff is expected to use April vacation time preparing remote lessons and materials for students. Students will have no commitment to learning during this time and therefore should not expect that there will be the usual group meetings or phone calls.

Pick-up/Drop Off Dates

May 4 and May 15 will be traditional pick-up/drop off dates. Please plan to bring completed work to the school and pick up newly developed lessons. Staff will be curbside and available from 7:30-10:30 to support you.

May 29 will be the final drop off date. Staff will be available from 7:30- 12:00 to collect the following:
All final assignments
Chromebooks and Chargers
Essential Manipulatives (please do not return markers, rulers, pencils, pens)
School library books (public library books should be returned to your local library)

Week of June 1-June 5

This week will be a workweek for staff. Work should focus on recovery with students that still have outstanding work. It is also a time to begin preparing and entering final grades on report cards. Any incomplete grade should include a list of make-up work that can be accomplished during the Extended School Year. The teacher should also reflect on remote learning. Identify what worked, what was a challenge, and be thinking of how you can make this a better process for everyone.

Report Cards

All staff will have report card data entered and ready for print by June 8. Report cards will then be printed and mailed home on June 11.

Nuts and Bolts

All materials left in student desks will be bagged and provided to families on May 29.
Outstanding lunch balances must be paid prior to report cards being mailed.
Town library books must be returned to the town library.
School lunch deliveries will continue until at least June 5. We are working on a waiver that may allow this to continue until a later date.
High School students who still need to clean out their lockers should do so prior to May 15th. Please call your school office to set up a time between 8 and noon to collect your personal belongings.


I want to thank everyone for their effort and commitment during this unprecedented time. As Superintendent of Schools in SAU 7, I am proud of what these communities have done together. If anyone has questions, please feel free to reach out at any time.

Bruce Beasley


Good morning Everyone,
I hope this email finds everyone doing well. Our drop off and pick-up went well last Friday. As a reminder, If you find that you need assistance with schoolwork or need school materials or supplies, let us know and we will leave it outside for your pick up.

Also, please see the link below from the CDC for the suggestions for cloth facemask. Thanks for your time and have a great day.

Mrs. Sherry

CDC Link


Good evening Everyone,
I hope all of our Pittsburg families are doing well. I wanted to remind everyone that our pick up and drop off are tomorrow morning between the hours of 7;30 and 10:30 AM. This will be a drive-through type pick up and drop off.

In order to reduce everyone's exposure, we are hoping everyone will be able to make it during this time; however, we know there may be some families that need to work and this would create a hardship. If this creates a hardship please call the school. We want to do what we can to reduce exposure but we also want to do what we can to ensure everyone is successful. Thanks so much for your time, keep safe, and good night!

Mrs. Sherry


Good morning Everyone,
Please see Superintendent Beasley's Youtube channel message by clicking on the link below. Keep Safe.



Good afternoon Everyone. I hope this note finds our families healthy and safe. Please see the copy and paste schedule from the SAU office below for meal delivery. Thanks for your time and have a good Sunday.

Mrs. Sherry


Good morning Everyone,
At 1:00 PM the governor will be holding a press conference. You are encouraged to tune in. Thanks. I believe this would be posted on WMUR but please check your local listings. Thanks.


Pittsburg Delivery Route and Schedule


School Bus will deliver similar to a bus stop

Student and/or parent must come out and meet the bus

Do not board the bus – food will be handed to the parent/student

Watch for the bus 5-10 minutes around the times given

If you did not get a delivery or would like to be added to the delivery schedule please call the school

538-6536 before noon


Ø Clarksville delivery for those living around the Clarksville Town Hall

Ø Parking area across from the Clarksville Town Hall approx. 11:15


Ø Estimated time for in Town – Main Street  - Route 3 south

Ø Beginning at 11:25 near the school

Ø The bus will travel south on Rte 3 to the Clarksville Town Line



If you have library books that need to be returned, please plan on bringing them in on Friday, March 2oth, when you come in to pick up your materials for remote learning. Also, a reminder for parents that have children in the second grade. Materials will not be available until 3:00 PM. If this changes, I will let you know. Thanks and have a good day.

Mrs. Sherry


Note: You may see similar postings in multiple areas. The one-call system does not allow for enough time to say everything that may need to be said, updated or clarified, so I am doing my best to put information out in a variety mediums so that everyone will have a chance to get the updates.

Good evening Everyone, 

     I hope this post finds families doing well. I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that we now have a Facebook page, and remind everyone that the school will be opened on Friday from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM for parents and students to gather materials students will need during our remote learning, which starts on March 23rd through April 3rd.  Please plan on bringing something to transport the materials home in. If at some point we have a change in the length of time remote learning will be in place, I will pass the information along to you.

    If you find that your child needs more materials or you would like us to put you on the lunch list, which would be at the same pricing as it was at school, please contact the office. For materials, you may also contact your child’s advisor at the high school level (Mrs. Pettit is filling in for the 11th-grade advisor )or your child’s instructor at the elementary level. 

Finally, classroom teachers, the office staff, guidance or nursing will be checking in with families during this time. If you find that you are receiving too many calls, please let us know and we will reduce the number of check-ins. Our goal is to ensure our students and families are successful and feel supported during this time. This is a stressful time for everyone, but especially stressful for families with students in the educational setting. We will do what we can to assist you.  Thanks for your time and have a good evening.


Elaine B. Sherry


Dear Parents & Guardians,

     I hope this communication finds everyone well. As everyone is aware, schools are closed through April 3rd, 2020, which may change over the next few weeks in response to updated information pertaining to the COVID-19. As new information is shared with us, we will pass it along to families and students.
     Administrators, tech departments, nurses, our support staff and school boards throughout the SAU are working diligently to be prepared for remote learning starting March 23rd through April 3rd. The Pittsburg School will be opened on Friday, March 20th, from 8:00 AM -4:00 PM so that parents and students will be able to retrieve the materials they need to be successful during the time we are providing remote learning instruction to our students.
    Once we go remote, we will have various instructional staff reaching out to students to ensure they have the support they need to be successful. We will also provide parents and students with the names or name of the person they should be reaching out to with concerns or questions. Currently, we have decided that your child's advisor in grades 7-12 will be the contact person for your child. The advisors will also be reaching out to you and your child. We will provide contact information.  Students in grades 7-12 have access to regularly communicate via Google classroom with their advisor or instructor.  The instructors will be putting together a time window to be reached. The 11th-grade students will bring their questions or concerns to  Mrs. Pettit, who will provide support for the junior class as she will be in the building. The elementary instructors will provide support and be the liaison for questions and concerns for their own students. Specials, for example, music and physical education will also be reaching out on a weekly basis.  Please do not hesitate to have your child or you yourself reach out. This is new to all of us and we want to be sure to provide you as parents and our students with the best remote learning experience possible. 
   In closing, over the next few days, continue to monitor updates found on the Pittsburg School website as well as on the SAU7 website. Also, check for messages with updates sent via One Call.  We will be reaching out to see if parents would like meals provided at the current price parents are paying Thanks for your time.


Elaine B. Sherry
Principal, Pittsburg School