Honor Roll

Honor Roll Award

Second Quarter Honor Roll

High Honors: (Minimum average of 93, no more than one B)

Grade 6:  Gianna Cristoforo

Grade 8:  Arlyn Dorman and Hannah Haynes

Grade 9:  Madison DeGray and Nora Gray

Grade 10:  Jennifer Bolton, Kade Cameron, and Jada Fysh

Grade 12:  Ashley Bolton, Ronald Marquis, and Libby Placey 

Honors: (Minimum average of 85, no more than one C)

Grade 5:  Brody Haynes

Grade 6:  Gianna Crisotoforo, Alyvia Jaimes, and Jaylyn Young

Grade 8:  Joli Carlson,  Joseph Cristoforo, and Arlyn Dorman

Grade 9:  Moriah Gray

Grade 10:  Paris Davis and Aczariah Ludwick-Benson

Grade 11:  Greenlee Cameron and Brennan Egan

Grade 12:  Brittany Hicks, Spencer Prehemo and Jessica Tracy

Effort Honors: (Three positive comments, zero negative comments, and no failures)

Grade 5:  Austin Foote, Brody Haynes, Kody Paquette, and Brayden Robidoux

Grade 6:  Gianna Cristoforo, Alyvia Jaimes, Laylynn Sierad, Carter Umlah, and Jaylyn Young

Grade 7:   Jaron O'Keefe

Grade 8:  Joli Carlson, Joseph Cristoforo, Savannah Davis, Arlyn Dorman, Hannah Haynes, and Paige Robinson

Grade 9: Madison DeGray and Nora Gray

Grade 10:  Jennifer Bolton, Kade Cameron, Jada Fysh, and Aczariah Ludwick-Benson

Grade 11:  Greenlee Cameron, Brennan Egan, James Foote, Garrett Lassonde, and Landen Phillips

Grade 12: Ashley Bolton, Brittany Hicks, Ronald Marquis, Libby Placey, Spencer Prehemo, and Jessica Tracy

Updated 03/10/21