School Song

We are out to boost for Pittsburg High,
Here’s to each glad high school day,
Here’s to teachers all ever kind and true,
Who have cheered us on our way.
Let us sing a song as we march along,
And make the echoes ring.
With our eyes on a star
That is beckoning from afar,
                                   Ever upward and onward we’re marching.

  Chorus: Onward march then Pittsburg High,
We are out to do or die
In the spirit of the legions gone before.
And may we who march today
Ever surely light the way,
And leave a beacon
That will gleam forevermore.
May we see our duty clearly,
May we love our school right dearly,
And with hip, hip, hip, hurrah,
We’ll show the world,
That old Pittsburg High is climbing
With glad hearts and voices chiming,
Marching onward with our flag unfurled.
Come along you Freshmen, join our song,
Come along all Sophomores, too.
Swing in line you Juniors and show your pep,
And Seniors tried and true,
For it’s up to me and it’s up to you
To play the game today
So then amble along,
We’re a jolly happy throng,
And we’re boosting for Pittsburg today.