Grading Policy for Grades K-2

Students in grades K-2 will receive a grade for class participation/behavior for each library class.  At the end of each marking term, the participation grades will be averaged together to equal one test grade.  The rubric for the participation grade is as follows:
(E) is demonstrated by the following behavior: raising hand to volunteer appropriate answers, listening quietly and attentively to the teacher, making thoughtful suggestions, demonstrating a constructive, positive attitude.
(G) is demonstrated by the following behavior: answering when called on but seldom volunteering answers or suggestions, listening attentively to the teacher, demonstrating a passive though positive attitude.
(S) is demonstrated by the following behavior: seldom answering questions or volunteering answers or suggestions, daydreaming, occasional negative or disruptive behavior.
(N) is demonstrated by the following behavior: negative attitude, not listening to the teacher, disruptive behavior, a challenging/confrontational attitude that results in disciplinary action.
In addition to the class participation grade, students will receive some class assignments and projects, which will be graded and averaged together along with the participation grade at the end of the marking term to determine the quarterly library grade.  It is expected that assignments will be completed in a timely fashion to the best of the student’s ability.
As the library will be used throughout the student’s career at Pittsburg School, students and parents/guardians should remember that all work assigned in the library is designed to help the student to become proficient in accessing, evaluating, and using information.  Each year the students will build on the knowledge that they gained in the previous years until they reach the point at which they should be able to access, use and evaluate information with little or no guidance from the librarian or a classroom teacher.  With that in mind, it is hoped that all students and their parents/guardians realize that the information taught is useful and not just “busy work”.
Students in grades K-2 will receive library grades each marking period in keeping with the grading policy for the school.
Kindergarten:  S= Satisfactory; N=Needs improvement
Grades 1 & 2:  E=Excellent; G=Good; S=Satisfactory; N=Needs Improvement; I=Insufficient Progress.
If you have any questions, feel free to call.
Ann Gray  As of September 2017